The Top 5 Photo Sharing Sites for Seniors

Most of us have digital photos stored everywhere. We have photos on Facebook, Instagram, our desktop computers, and smartphones. As a result, it isn’t always easy to access or organize all these scattered photos. The same is just as true with seniors who want to keep in touch with family members. This is where the topic of photo sharing sites for seniors comes in.

Certain photo storage sites are better for seniors (and family sharing) than others. The really good ones make storing and organizing photos a breeze. They allow seniors to effortlessly keep up to date with family members.

Good sharing websites offer a multitude of benefits that will let you edit, organize and create collections of your favorite photographs. With the sharing options that they provide, you can send and receive entire albums from your family. So that both you and they may add and view photos at any time.

This being said, you still need to account for several criteria before selecting your favorite photo sharing sites. For instance, it’s good to know how much free storage every website offers. You should also check how much they charge for storage upgrades.

photo sharing sites for seniors to connect with family

Privacy is another major consideration. There’s nothing better than having complete control over who can view your photo albums. And what about the resolution of your uploaded photos? Do the photo sharing sites downgrade it? Can they sync your photographs across multiple devices?

The top five photo sharing sites for seniors

Wanting to save you both time and money, I compiled a list for you. Here are 5 photo sharing sites that I think are great for seniors. They all make organizing family albums a fun and secure activity.


Photobucket is a service that offers basic editing tools, including an image editor, red-eye removal, cropping, and other features. You can also improve the colors of your photos, give them a vintage look or add a personal touch by drawing on them.

Photobucket allows you to upload photos from Facebook, your PC or other supported websites. It also lets you create albums you can then share with your children and grandchildren. Moreover, they can contribute with their own photos and thus enrich your album-sharing experience.

If you’re active on social media, you’ll love the fact that Photobucket lets you post pics and albums on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

If you want to make a gift for your grandkids, this site has you covered. It offers photo-printing services and can provide you with framed prints, photo albums and other types of printed images you can gift to your loved ones.

The storage is also generous. You get 2GB with a free account. If you’re using the mobile app, you get an extra 8GB bonus. Paid options include a $2.99/month plan for 22GB of storage that can go up to $39.99/month for 502 GB of storage.

Be warned, though – Photobucket makes your albums public by default. This means that other users will be able to view them if you don’t manually play with the privacy settings.


If you value privacy more than anything else, you should definitely consider Cluster. It’s a user-friendly service that lets you post comments on photos, and is designed to be private from the outset.

It allows you to invite other people to view your albums by using links sent via email. There’s no limit to the groups of people you can share the albums with. Hence, you can use it for various gatherings (like weddings, birthdays, etc).

Each member of the group you create will be able to download the shared photos without compromising the image quality. Naturally, you can also view and edit photos using your smartphone or PC.

As with Photobucket, you can upload images from your social media profiles or cameras. All in all, Cluster is a decent option for people who insist on using a free photo sharing site.

photo sharing sites for seniors to use


You wouldn’t expect it to be included in this list, but Dropbox is a great option for people who want to share images with friends and family. It has a visually appealing interface, and you can set it to automatically upload images from your mobile app.

Even though not a photo sharing site, Dropbox has some really useful features. First of all, it offers an app for every platform. And each app has the ability to automatically detect and import new photos.

Secondly, its sharing features are very easy to master. You can just take entire folders full of photos and share them using a shareable link.

However, not everything about Dropbox’s sharing and privacy settings is as granular as you’d like. It’s nowhere near as practical as services like Sherish Connect. You can only make folders fully public or share them with those who happen to have a Dropbox account.

A free Dropbox account gets you 2GB of storage space. The paid option gives you 1000GB of storage for $9.99/month. That means each family member has to either get a paid account or be fine with the just 2GB worth of photos. 

This is an issue because of the two sharing options. If you make the folder “accessible to anyone with the link”, then you have privacy issues. On the other hand, if you share a folder with a specific dropbox user, it counts all those photos as taking up space on their Dropbox as well! So it double-charges for the same photos. If you share a photo folder with 7 family members, those same photos are counted towards the storage total of each of those 7 people!


Shutterfly is great for giving gifts to your children and grandkids. You can give them metal prints, wall art, and other products. You can also decorate school bags and books with images of your grandchildren and give them something they’ll remember.

The service gives you unlimited storage so that you can upload as many images as you like. There’s also the option of uploading images from social media, smartphones, and tablets. You can share the albums you create with other family members who can contribute with images of their own.

The best photo sharing sites for seniors let you easily organize and share photos with your family


ThisLife is an image aggregator that can organize the photos you have posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other similar services. All you need to do is connect it to these services and watch it pull your pictures, and sort them by date and place, so you can access them whenever you want.

You can tag images, which is a feature that distinguishes ThisLife from many other photo sharing sites. It also comes with facial recognition and will remove any duplicates of your images, which is very convenient if you’re constantly uploading hundreds of photos.

Sherish Connect – the perfect all-around photo sharing solution

I’m very proud to present Sherish Connect, our very own photo sharing service. It’s the outcome of our efforts to create the ideal photo-sharing solution for every family out there. Our service has all the advantages of other photo sharing sites and apps, without any of the downsides. To top it off, the pricing plan itself is family centered.

You only need one subscription which you can then share with up to 50 people. This means none of your family members will be left out.

Sherish Connect has a strong focus on privacy which you won’t find in any other photo sharing service. In fact, we’re famous for our privacy features and dedication to making sure your loved ones are fully protected.

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