Picking the perfect picture sharing app for seniors

best picture sharing app for seniors

Photo sharing apps have become a necessity for anyone that wants to stay in touch with their family and friends. And it is often seniors that would most benefit from a good picture sharing app.

Their children and grandchildren often have hectic and unpredictable lifestyles that prevent regularity in real-life meetings. Quality digitals tools can help seniors maintain regular, visual communication with the extended family.

However, as the popularity of these apps grows, so does the overwhelming choice of apps. This is making it harder to pick the ultimate picture sharing app. Fortunately, I’m here to help. By simply following a few directions, choosing the right photo sharing app can be a pleasant experience. So let’s look into some practical guidelines and directions.

Things to look for in a picture sharing app

Ease of use

The perfect picture sharing app for seniors has to be extremely user-friendly. New technology itself can be somewhat confusing for seniors. But the picture sharing experience, in particular, must be fun and effortless. Look for an app that offers both quick and easy picture manipulation and useful editing options. Also, keep an eye on the uploading options, which should be very simple for all those birthday and anniversary occasions.


You need lots of space for your images. Perhaps not at this moment in time, but believe me you will need it very soon. As soon as you start using a picture sharing app, you’ll have stacks of online albums that need virtual drawers. If we take into account that photos nowadays can take up to 5MB, it’s good to have unlimited storage space. You can only get such unlimited storage in apps that offer cloud storage.the best picture sharing app for seniors

Picture organization

Whether you choose unlimited storage space or not, picture sharing will inevitably cause clutter. You’ll have one photo uploaded three or four times. That’s why your app of choice should have a feature for detecting and deleting duplicate photos.

You’ll also upload photos of different people and events, taken on different dates. These are photos you’ll want to get back to occasionally. Hence, make sure your picture sharing app lets you organize photos in assorted albums of your choice. It should also let you filter them by date, subject, location, family member, etc.


If you “put” your priceless photo memories in virtual drawers, you’ll want to make sure you will always find them there. The best photos are the ones that cannot be re-created, so your app has to guarantee you won’t lose them. Double-check the policy regarding this matter before you sign up for any picture sharing service.   


The main issue with photo sharing services is ensuring that your pictures remain your own. Look for an app that will let you determine who gets access to certain images. Otherwise, you are risking dealing with stolen images or identity theft in the future. If you only want to share pictures with your family, you should be able to do that without the world watching.  

picking the best picture sharing app for seniors

Picture sharing app options for seniors

Having these general guidelines in mind, let’s review the top 4 photo sharing apps on the market.


A wildly popular picture sharing app you might have heard of. It offers easy and fast uploading for an unlimited number of photos and short videos. You have many editing options to choose from in order to make the most of your photo memories. Besides the many filters, there are also several intuitive sliders that let you adjust shadows, highlights, focus and more.

Instagram recently added an option for uploading photo albums and editing each picture before posting. The Layout add-on lets you create collages. In order to help connect people with similar interests, Instagram lets you add captions to your images with hashtags. The hashtags help people outside your existing circle find your pictures.

However, this app has several downsides. It doesn’t work that well on computers. It compresses pictures, thus lowering their quality, so you can’t really print them later.

My biggest concern with Instagram is the privacy issue. Although it offers options for choosing the audience that can view your photos, it’s not a good choice for private family photo sharing.  Instagram was primarily built for showing off to a wider community, and not tight-knit circles (such as a family).

Tidy Photo Album

As the name suggests, this picture sharing app is all about organizing photos. You can browse through photos and search by location, time, or shape. You can also create albums using different templates, which adds to the pleasant viewing experience. The app lets you choose a sorting method as soon as you upload your photos, which makes it a good solution for organizing lots of photos.

Tidy Photo Album has a relatively intuitive interface, but you may need to go through the built-in tutorial before you can start using it. It runs smoothly, and it has no ads. You can edit your photos using filters, color correction, cropping, rotation, and many more options. The app lets you share photos with your family through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and e-mail.

However, storage and reliability are not strong aspects of this app. This is because it saves the photos inside the local storage for your phone. You can only save additional photos for as long as you have sufficient phone storage. If something goes wrong with your phone, all your photos might be gone for good.

choosing the best picture sharing app for seniors


SmugMug lets you upload unlimited photos and videos to your profile and browse through them right from the app. You can also mark folders and galleries as favorites for quick and easy access, and save them to your device for offline viewing. Upload photos and videos from your Gallery, SMS messages and other apps, and share them through SMS, email, Twitter, and Facebook.

The app gives you detailed photo information such as location, time, camera settings, and camera type. It also lets you view full-screen slideshows within a single gallery or across multiple galleries. It also lets you cast photos and videos to your TV with Chromecast. There’s an option to download photos to an external SD card. Since every SmugMug user has a profile, you can find family members and friends, and connect with them.

Sherish Connect

If you are looking for a picture sharing app that blends ease of use, storage space, organization, reliability, and security, you’ll definitely want to try Sherish connect. It can be your family’s very own private photo album where you can share photos without the world watching. The complete control it offers in terms of photo privacy is one of its greatest assets.

Sherish Connect lets you collect photos from all your devices, e-mail accounts, and social media profiles. You can then add voice messages before sharing them. The app comes with unlimited storage space and preserves the original photo size and quality. This gives you the opportunity to export photos for printing and use them for personalized photo gifts.    

The app is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is swipe up a photo from your camera roll and it will be shared in your family album. Whenever someone adds a new photo to the album, the rest of the family gets notified. Your Sherish Connect Album will always be available to everyone included in your membership. And you can include up to 50 family members and friends on your membership. You can view each other’s photos on cell phones and large screen tablets.

Sherish Connect is great for seniors since it’s designed to offer both in-app guidance and customer support. It’s totally ad-free which means you can say goodbye to tracking and profiling. Try Sherish today and you’ll never miss another moment from the lives of your loved ones.

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