The Easiest Ways to Share Photos with Family Members

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Modern life has many benefits, but it also has its downsides. One of them is that many families are growing physically apart. You can alleviate a lot of this when you frequently share photos with family members.

While physically traveling to keep in touch with family members is “ideal”, you can’t do this too frequently. This is where photos come in to help family members up to date. It helps bridge that gap in between the physical get-togethers. It lets your ever growing and ever spread out family members feel closer to each other.

family poses for photos to shareThere are many ways to share photos with family members. Some of them are more manual, some of them more automated. In this article, we’ll cover two things. First, how you can use some of your favorite tools to share photos with family members.

Unfortunately, each of these has downsides when it comes to family sharing. Mostly privacy and security concerns. Secondly, I’ll tell you about our solution, Sherish Connect. It sidesteps all the downsides of using a popular generic tool. We’ve worked really hard to create the perfect solution. With that said, let’s look into some of the major options first.

Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive

If you love using a cloud drive to store all your personal files, consider this option. All three of these solutions make it easy to automatically “fetch” your photos. All of them have both a desktop and mobile app.

And each of the apps has an option to automatically scour your device for photos. OneDrive will even try to automatically create albums for you based on recognition technologies.

Using a cloud drive is not the most elegant option, but it is easy. If you store everything on such a service “anyway”, using it to share photos is one option.

Unfortunately, the way you do it isn’t too elegant. Let’s say you want to share all photos of your children with a select group of family members. Well, you would have to create a folder for this purpose. Then you would need to make sure all the appropriate photos are stored in this folder. Then you would get a “sharing link” and manually send that link to the family members in question.

happy family photo sharing

The disadvantages are many. First of all, that “shareable link” is accessible to anyone on the internet. If even one of your family members has an insecure computer, the link could get stolen. You wouldn’t want a link with live updates of your children falling into the wrong hands.

You “could” solve this by going with the “share folder” option. But that requires that the receiver has their own account and cloud drive. And if you want to share photos with family members that aren’t tech-savvy, it’s not a good idea. You’d have to force them to install a cloud drive just so they can see the photos. And even if the person is tech-savvy, they might still dislike having to use your preferred cloud drive.

The other problem is that services base their permissions on a system of folders. Every file in the folder is visible to everyone that has access to the folder. This means you have to be careful not to include files that you don’t want them to see.

What if you want one family member to only see one portion of the photos? But another one should see a different selection? You’d have to create separate folders for each.


This is probably the trickiest option on this list. It feels the easiest to use, but also has the most unexpected cons. At first glance, it seems as if it would be the most convenient. After all, almost everyone has a Facebook account. Further, these days Facebook does allow you to restrict the visibility of different images and galleries.

Unfortunately, the process is a bit convoluted and unintuitive. You have to first assign people to different “friend groups”. 

share family photos with grandparents

Just find the “friends” button, and choose one of the existing groups. By default, Facebook does include a group called “family”. However, this might not be specific enough. Perhaps you want to share certain photos only with certain people.

To create a more specific group, click “add to another list” (Like This). It will let you type in a name. Let’s say we type in “Daughter photos sharing”, and then click enter. Now we have a “friends group” for when we want to share photos of our daughter.

With this, you can now restrict things to just this group when necessary. For example, when you create a gallery, you can set it to only be shared with the “Daughter photos sharing” group. This means that Facebook will only show it to members of this group, and nobody else.

Facebook has plenty of disadvantages. The most obvious one revolves around privacy issues. Do you know why Facebook is “free”? Because you are not the customer, you are the product. You are being tracked and your information is sold to advertisers. If you value your privacy, Facebook is probably the last platform you’d use to share family photos.

And even if you don’t care enough about privacy, there are many practical disadvantages as well. The worst one is the image degradation. Facebook will destroy the high-quality image you upload. And they will only keep their highly degraded copy.


Is it easy to share photos with Instagram? This app is quite easy to use but rarely used for sharing family photos. There are a couple of reasons for this. First of all, too many people associate the brand with things that aren’t family friendly. It’s best recognized as a platform for celebrities and models to share risqué photos with the world.

Instagram does actually support making things private. Many people actually have private profiles. This means that your photos will only be seen by your “Instagram friends”.

Unfortunately, this means everyone you want to share with needs an account. That’s the second major disadvantage of Instagram. Asking Grandma to get an Instagram account just “doesn’t sound right”.

share photos with family and grandmaThe third major disadvantage is that Instagram is actually a mobile app, not a website. Yes, there is an associated website at, but that’s secondary. The entire service is mobile-centric. It was never intended to be friendly to PC users. You’re meant to capture photos using its mobile app. It also assumes you’ll consume Instagram content on your mobile.

Most people want to give grandma a desktop-friendly experience so she can experience things on a big screen. And then save or print her favorite photos. This is just another feature that just isn’t present on Instagram.

Let Sherish Connect help you share photos with family members

What if there was a system that is easy to use, but without the disadvantages? What if there was a tool created especially to help with sharing family photos? Introducing Sherish Connect.

sherish for family photo sharing

We went out of our way to make sherish as intuitive as possible. We pride ourselves on how easy to use we made it. This includes the mobile apps and the web app. Grandma and uncle will immediately just “know” how to use Sherish. You won’t need to spend any time on guiding them how to use Sherish.

You only need to get one membership to include your entire family. You can share your one membership with up to 50 family members & friends.

You take great photos. Give them a great home. Try Sherish FREE for 6 Months

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