Try these Holiday Photo Apps with Your Grandchildren

Holiday photo apps can be lots of fun!

The holidays are coming so this would be a perfect time to talk about how smartphones can help you get closer to your loved ones. And this specifically is where holiday photo apps become a good topic.

As you know smartphones are currently leading the way in providing ways to interact and have fun with our loved ones.  And with the holiday season approaching, we have even more time and more occasions for fun. And what better way to have fun with your grandchildren than by trying out some holiday photo apps together? You will not only have fun but get to cherish the moments for years to come!

Cherish the special moments with these holiday photo apps!

The best holiday photo apps for this season


Sherish is smart photo application created by My Personal Network. Sherish can be used to backup, share and protect your photos. Being so much more than a holiday photo app, Sherish can be a great home for all your photographs. Protecting and cherishing all your memories forever! The Sherish app and its numerous features can help you secure, organize, edit and share your photos with whoever you choose.

  • Sherish makes it easy to organize your memories into separate photo albums
  • You can install Sherish on several devices and synchronize your photos and albums
  • With Sherish you can access your photos and albums wherever you are
  • Sherish has a desktop app that you can use on your computer
  • You can easily edit your Sherish photos
  • Sherish has an option to print your photos at Walgreens
  • You can import photos from apps like Dropbox, Picasa, Flickr, iPhoto, iCloud and Evernote
  • With Sherish you can store as many photos as you’d like without compromising on their quality
  • Share photos privately even with those who don’t have a Sherish account
  • Personalize your moments by sending a recorded note along with your photos

Sherish is the perfect photo app to use with your grandchildren.

Ink Cards

Ink Cards is an app that helps you send real photo greeting cards by mail. You can choose any photo, customize it to your liking and have it shipped to whomever you wish. Whether it’s Christmas, birthdays or anniversaries, you can send a card for any occasion in just a few clicks.

  • Send a real card straight from your phone
  • Choose from over 500 customizable designs for your card
  • The cards are printed on thick and glossy 5×7 paper
  • Cards start at $1.99 including postage fees
  • Premium members can choose thicker matte cards and envelopes
  • Shipping takes 2-8 days to US, UK, Europe and Canada
  • Receive notifications for orders and shipment

Photo Lab

Photo Lab is an app with over 600 effects to transform your photographs. This is a free application with in-app purchases. Photo-montages, collages, filters, and frames are just a few of the options that Photo Lab has. This app has a basic photo editor as well as numerous advanced effects.

  • Automatic face detection
  • Adding headwear such as a Santa hat or a king’s crown
  • Photorealistic montages and face manipulations
  • Magazine cover montages
  • Collages from multiple photos
  • Holiday filters including New Year frame effects
  • Filters like HDR, fractal, puzzle

Which one of these holiday photo apps will you try out with your grandchildren?

Kodak Moments

An app by the photo giant Kodak, Kodak Moments is an app for photo editing and sharing with an integrated social network. Kodak also lets you design printed gift cards or send photo gifts like mugs, canvases or photo books. Kodak Moments can be used for many occasions like birthdays, holidays, graduations or weddings.

  • Photo-editing tools and filters to customize your photo moments
  • Built-in social feed for connecting with others who have the Kodak Moments app
  • Secure photo sharing for social media like Facebook or Twitter
  • Print your photos and have them delivered to you or pick them up at the store
  • Discounts on bulk personalized holiday cards delivered to your address

Holiday Picture It

The Holiday Picture It app is an easy-to-use solution for photo editing to fit just about any holiday spirit. Holidays, vacations and many celebrating occasions can be easily customized with the many themed photo packs. Holiday Picture It is a free app for photo editing that includes in-app purchases.

  • Choose a photo from your gallery or take one directly from the app
  • Free basic photo editor for fine-tuning your photos
  • Over 90 free assets for photo editing and customization
  • Caption tools and hundreds of Emojis to add to photos
  • Customization packs for occasions like New Year, Christmas, Thanksgiving and much more
  • Export and share your photos via email, Twitter or Facebook

Christmas Photo Booth

This is one of the free holiday photo apps for quick photo editing in the spirit of New Year and Christmas. Christmas Photo Booth is a simple and straightforward app with lots of photo editing options. Even though there are lots of customization options, Christmas Photo Booth remains easy to use thanks to its simple user interface.

  • Basic photo editing tools and options
  • Resize or crop your photos or change the ratios of your photos
  • Add a unique flavor by adjusting brightness, contrast, and colors
  • Use Christmas Photo Booth’s filters and effects to customize your photos
  • Share your photos on social feeds like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

Keep your New Year memories forever with Sherish.

Christmasfy Photo Booth

If you’ve ever wondered how you or your grandchildren would look with Santa’s beard or hat, this is the app for you. Christmasfy Photo Booth provides you numerous ways to decorate your photos for the holiday season. Select an existing photo or take one from within the app and start decorating.

  • Basic photo editing options allow you to modify, resize and rotate your photos
  • Add captions directly to the photos you edit
  • Choose from over 200 items like beards or hats to add to your photos
  • Share your Christmasfy Photo Booth photos on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter

The best of all holiday photo apps

Photo apps can be a great way to keep our photos and memories. Every app has its own set of features and functionality and the choice of holiday photo apps is quite large. However, if you’re looking for a photo app that will transform the way you keep your memories, Sherish is your best choice.

Why Sherish?

There are many reasons why people around the globe use Sherish as their primary photo app. Security is a huge issue today. Sherish is the only app that puts security and privacy upfront, where it belongs. When it comes to quality, security and absolute privacy, you can’t get any better than Sherish. We all want the best for our loved ones, so it’s only natural to want to protect the memories we share with them.

Sherish has all the features you need and more! In and out of the holiday season, Sherish is definitely one of the top holiday photo apps to use with your grandchildren.

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