The Best Activities for Grandparents and their Grandchildren

activities for grandparents and grandchildren in nature

The time spent with your grandchildren is always priceless, both for you and your little ones. As a grandparent, you play several roles in your grandkids’ lives – a supporter, educator, and an entertainer. But as children grow, it may become harder to keep their attention on you. If you want to stay relevant in their eyes, you have to be „cool“. Therefore, I suggest trying a couple of things from my list of fun activities for grandparents. Try them out with your grandchildren the next time you are together.

activities for grandparents and grandchildren

7 fun activities for grandparents and grandchildren

Before you try any of the following activities, remember that they are meant to strengthen the bonds and create lasting memories.

1. Try their favorite games

This may sound a bit intimidating if you’re not a tech-savvy grandparent, since most of the games children love today are based on using the latest technology. But if you give them a try, I can guarantee you extra points in your grandkids’ „cool book“, and lots of fun for everyone. It’s a great way to show interest in their favorite activities and learn something new. Also, your grandchildren will feel important being the teachers, for a change.

As soon as you get their attention, you can switch to board or puzzle games. You can also take the opportunity to share your favorite card games with your grandchildren. Along the way, you’ll teach them important lessons about winning and losing in games and life, too.

2. Enjoy the magic of stories

Everybody loves a good story, especially children. Depending on their age, you can read to them, read together or you can share some of your life stories with them. Tell them what was life like before they were born, share stories about their parents. Encourage them to share their stories with you, whether they are real or made up.

You can also take this activity from your home into the library. This way, you can explore some history books or all-time classics together. Planting love for storytelling into your grandchildren will strengthen your bond and help them later in life. People who are good at storytelling are usually successful businessmen.

activities for grandparents and grandchildren - storytelling

3. Share your hobbies

Teach your grandkids something new. Whether you are into fishing, knitting, music, or painting, they will be happy to learn new things from you. If you are not sure how to convey your knowledge, check the internet for tips on introducing kids to your hobby. Whatever your passion is, nowadays you can find kid-sized versions of tools for that hobby. You can buy small music instruments, fishing poles, tool boxes, knitting sets or painting brushes and canvases.  

Ask your grandchildren about their hobbies and try to learn as much as you can about them. Let them show you how to do things and ask why they have chosen that particular hobby. Find books and internet articles about it and build your knowledge and skills together.

4. Cook together

Children love being included into activities that grownups do. It gives them a feeling of being an important part of the family and it shows that you trust them. As children love mixing, stirring, and pouring, they can be of great help in the kitchen. This is a great way to mix housework and fun with your grandkids. Look for easy and tasty recipes and make chefs of your little ones.

It may seem a bit naive, but cooking can teach children important lessons. As they measure ingredients and stir, they learn how to follow instructions, plan ahead and be patient. Cooking also gives you the opportunity to develop strong bonds and create memories. You can share some secret family recipes that your grandkids can pass on to the next generations. You can also come up with some new recipes together and introduce them to the rest of the family.

activities for grandparents and grandchildren - cooking

5. Take care of the plants

Gardening can be a great activity for grandparents and grandchildren. It is good for relaxation, as well as getting some physical activity. It will help your grandkids learn about how nature works and how you can grow nice things out of a tiny seed. Even more importantly, it will help them learn to take care of something else, beside themselves.

Another good thing about doing gardening together with your grandkids is that they are sure to love it! Playing in the dirt is second nature to children and almost all of them get a kick out of using a watering can. You can buy kid-sized tools or help them use the real ones. Plant flowers or vegetables you both like and enjoy watching them grow.

6. Enjoy nature

Most children today are stuck in front of computers, tablets and other devices, hence exploring nature can be a new and exciting experience for them. You will also benefit from a long walk in the park with your little loved ones, getting the exercise you need to stay in shape.

Bring your grandkids to a nearby park to take in the sights and sounds of nature. Watch the birds, learn the names of their species and feed them together. If you feel that your grandkids are bored at some point, you can always spice things up with a scavenger hunt. Turn the ordinary walk into adventure by making a list of fun items you can find in the park, such as leaves or feathers.   

activities for grandparents and grandchildren in nature

7. Create photo memories together

You can mix this activity with all the previous ones in the list, or make a whole new adventure out of it. You don’t need special and expensive equipment – smartphone cameras will do! Take photos of family members, pets, nature, and various objects in your home together. If you live apart, you can share photo diaries with your grandkids. This is where Sherish can add to the fun.

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You’ll never have to worry about your precious photo memories, since Sherish offers unlimited storage. This way, you can keep the photos in their original size and quality, and print them for photo gifts.

Make the most out of the time with your grandkids and create lasting memories they can cherish for years to come.

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