How to Get Into Photography Later in Life

how to get into photography - take lots of photos

If you’re like me, you probably consider good photography to be a beautiful and enjoyable form of art. If you are looking to get into photography, chances are you either have a good camera or you are thinking about getting one soon. I’m going to assume you’ve decided on the equipment, and want to know how to get into photography on a practical level.

Simple tips on how to get into photography later in life

Photography has many aspects that you need to learn and master if you want to take professional level images. It would take years to learn and master every single little nuance employed by the best professionals.

There’s no need to wish you would have started earlier, because I have great news to share. You don’t need to master every single little trick to make amazing photos. In fact there are only a few essentials that you need to take photos you’ll be proud to share.

1. Wherever you go, get your camera with you

You only get one chance to take a good photo of a certain image, especially if you enjoy photographing sunsets, dawns, birds… If you don’t have your camera with you, you may feel like you’ve missed an opportunity for the perfect shot. That is why it’s essential to have your camera with you at all times.

If you keep your camera safely wrapped at home until you plan your next photo session, you may feel like you are constantly missing out on good opportunities. If this is the case, it’s important to remember to carry some piece of equipment you can take photos with. You can take a smaller camera, or just use your cell phone camera.  

Have this “always have your camera with you” philosophy in mind when you are deciding to buy one. Regardless of the quality of your camera, if it’s not handy for you to carry most of the time, it will become worthless.  

This tip might sound “obvious” or “not a big deal”, but it is actually the biggest secret of the best photographers. Yes, a professional photographer makes every photo a good one. But the real reason they have a lot of “amazing photos”? They just take more photos and catch a lot more lucky breaks than others. Simply because they’re playing the numbers game better, they always have a camera on them.

how to get into photography - have your camera with you

2. Explore your camera and learn its performance

Now that you’ve gotten used to the idea of carrying your camera with you regularly, you are probably eager to discover everything about its performance. This is not only fun, but also helpful for your next photo-taking adventure. Once you explore all the features your camera offers, you will get ideas on how to make the most out of the image you’re shooting. This will enable you to approach photography in a more creative manner.  

You’ll want to get started manually clicking around and testing the different features. Try to get a feel for what each setting does and accomplishes. And of course, combine this experimentation with use of the manufacturer’s camera manual.

Now, the user manual is a good first start as a guide, but today we have many more fun options. Chances are that if you’re using a half-decent SLR, there are amazing tutorials on mastering it’s features. Most of them are free! It is a great time to be starting out with photography. The pros back in the day didn’t have YouTube with the countless free tutorials.

When you thoroughly explore your camera and learn about the numerous options and settings, it becomes your best assistant in the photo shooting process. 

3. Challenge yourself – take photos on a regular basis

When it comes to getting into photography, this is certainly one of the most useful tips to consider. Taking photos on a regular basis gives you a lot of insight into photography. If you take photos occasionally, you will not only miss numerous opportunities; you will have fewer occasions to practice different features, too. If you want to get into photography more professionally, it is always good to start photographing daily.

At first, start simple. You don’t have to have a specific assignment to follow; just photograph objects that you find beautiful or inspiring. Next, you can start doing weekly or even monthly assignments, which will give you enough opportunities to try photographing from different perspectives. This approach can help you enrich your knowledge about photography in general.

how to get into photography

4. Meet and chat with other photographers

Meeting people who are passionate about the same thing you are can be very effective. Sharing ideas and overcoming challenges about photography will help you learn and improve. Thanks to social media, there are countless ways to meet and chat with other photographers from all over the world.

One of the best ways to meet other photographers is via popular networks, which makes it quite simple to find people who share the same interest as you. Social media networks provide an opportunity to find local photography groups to join and learn about what others are working on. Most groups are active in organizing trips regionally or even internationally.

You can also follow the work of other photographers, join different groups based on your preferences, and post your own photos. The great thing about joining these networks is the opportunity to participate in critique groups and see how others perceive your work. You can get a lot of critics, but there’s so much you can learn. More experienced photographers will share their opinions on your photos, and that can encourage you to be better the next time you get your camera.

5. Forget what everyone else is doing

When a person concludes they enjoy taking photos and want to learn how to get into photography, they start reading and following ideas. At first, they check what other photographers are doing in the same area, and compare their work. For example, if you enjoy taking photos of birds, you will want to compare your photos with other people’s bird-photos. You will check the angles, composition, perspective, etc.

On the other hand, if you enjoy taking photos of portraits or babies, you will focus on photographers who are experienced in taking similar photos. You will most likely check the different posing, light, angles, etc. Even though you can learn a lot this way, it’s even more important to believe in your own work and evolving intuition, since photography is a form of art. So instead of finding yourself lost in the work of your favorite photographers, try to also develop your own style.

how to get into photography - develop your own style

6. Don’t forget to share your photos safely

Once you get into photography more seriously, chances are you will enjoy sharing your latest pieces of art with your friends, family and coworkers. Also, you may soon find yourself overwhelmed with the massive number of beautiful photos you’ve taken recently. Then, you may feel like you need to put a lot of energy into organizing all of the photos. With Sherish, organizing up your photo clutter is simple and easy.

More importantly, there are always photos you want to keep private and share with only a few of your closest family members or friends. Our Sherish app provides the opportunity to share your photos safely, without the rest of the world watching. The unlimited storage space lets you keep your photos in their full resolution and quality. This gives you a chance to print your works of art and turn them into beautiful photo gifts.

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