Easy and Memorable Family Reunion Photo Ideas

easy family reunion photo ideas

Family reunions represent one of grandparents’ favorite occasions. It’s an excellent time to create some great photos with those beautiful grandchildren of yours. If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for some good family reunion photo ideas.

In order to create an outstanding family photo album, there are a few easy and fun tricks and tips you may want to try out.

Turn your family reunion photos into cherished memories

Family reunion photos are especially valuable to grandparents trying to create great photo memories. However, a lot of times these photos lack creativity, as the typical posing gives them a formal note. Family members are usually standing or sitting unnaturally, waiting to hear that shutter sound and get it over with. For this reason, most family reunion photos are quite similar and somewhat boring.

family reunion photo ideas - get playful

If you are interested in making your family photos informal and unique, it’s good to start thinking “out of the box”. Here are some suggestions you may find useful and inspiring:

1. Get playful

Don’t hesitate to act silly, dramatic, or even childish with your grandchildren. Encouraging the adults to play along during the family photo session can result in some really outstanding photos. In addition, this will lower the tension that people experience when posing for a photo shoot, get them to smile and act more genuine. 

2. Show the connections between family members

This is another great idea that can result in awesome family photos. Instead of asking people to pose and smile for the camera, let them relax and start interacting with each other naturally. When not posing, they’ll start paying more attention to certain family members, get engaged in a conversation, or simply have a good time.

Family connections are one of a kind: often magical, sometimes unexpected. If you want to take photos that will be unique and beautiful – take your time to capture the connections between family members. Show your grandchildren laughing together with their parents. Have one of the nieces serving dinner, or the other grandparents looking on with enthusiasm and joy.

family reunion photo ideas - show the connections

3. Mix and match

Naturally, you want to make sure everyone present is included in your perfect family reunion photo, not just the grand-children and yourself. However, taking a photo of a couple of smaller groups of people is also a good thing to consider, especially if your family gathering is a large one.

If you decide to take photos of some smaller groups, try to capture the relationships between the family members. Keep the informal tone of your family photo session and try to capture some fun and amusing moments.

4. Capture unique details

Family reunions are not just gatherings – there is much more to them. Whether you’re hosting the reunion or not, you probably understand that a lot of time and effort goes into preparing food and decorations around the house.

As there is always so much thought given into the details, it’s always good to include these details in your family reunion photos. A beautifully decorated surrounding, the table centerpiece, or whatever catches your attention… You can make a great start for a photo story to be cherished at the next family gathering.

If you want to base your photo session on unique details, try to take photos in a specific way. This can include taking photos from a certain angle, with some of the family members nearby. Also, you can pick one beautiful detail and capture everyone who uses or touches it, such as beautiful floral napkins or an old, inherited silverware.

family reunion photo ideas - capture the details

5. Choose a theme

If you want to take your family reunion photo session to the next level, you can make it themed. Even though the reason for such a photo session is the reunion itself, it is always fun to encourage family members to wear themed outfits.

Themed family photos are fun and extraordinary. They always cause those looking at them to smile. Whether it’s a famous movie theme or just a dress-alike project, there are numerous themed family reunion photo ideas to choose from.

Useful tips to make your family reunion photo ideas work

So you have a family reunion coming soon, and you’re inspired by the ideas we’ve shared in this article. However, speaking of taking perfect family reunion photos, there are a few more things to consider.

Try different focal lengths and angles

If you want to end up having an awesome family reunion album, it’s always good to experiment with the focal lengths and various angles. Once you take a few close up photos of a person, try capturing this person’s surroundings while including other family members as well. Vary between the full body image and the person’s head, or just their face.

By changing the shooting angles, you can capture some outstanding images and alter the mood of your photo. Encourage everyone to continue doing what they do, and take some photos without them looking straight into your camera. This will help them relax so you’ll be able to capture more genuine reactions, such as beautiful smiles and laughter.

family reunion photo ideas - try different angles

Follow the composition rules… or don’t

Following the basic rules of composition is always helpful, especially if you’re a newbie in photography. The leading lines rule, the rule of thirds and other similar guidelines can help you create a great family photo album. On the other hand, breaking these rules or simply not following them can result in some unique, one-of-a-kind photos.  

If you choose to follow some of the basic rules, make sure to compose your photos properly. Place your main subjects in the center, pay attention to the symmetry and patterns, consider the background, follow the natural frames, capture balancing elements, etc.

Share your private family reunion photos safely

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