Here are Some Excellent Photo Gifts for Grandparents

Choose one of the best photo gifts for grandparents.

If you’re researching photo gifts for grandparents, you are on the right track. Grandparents have usually seen and experienced so much in life that choosing a gift for them is not an easy task. They know themselves very well and usually have everything they need. The absolute best gift to give to a grandparent is a photo gift.

Why choose a photo gift?

As people who have slowly come of age, grandparents no longer take pride in or give too much meaning to their career, hobbies or other pursuits. Grandparents have accumulated the wisdom to realize the only thing that stays with a person throughout their lives is their family.

Grandparents take the most pride in their families. So, what can be better than gifting them family photo gifts?

A photo album is a classic gift for grandparents.

Choosing the best photo gifts for grandparents

Photo album

If a picture really tells a thousand words, a family photo album would definitely tell a wonderful story. A photo album is a gift that can be cherished and relived time and again. The photo album can contain memories of important events and spontaneous photos of the entire family, as well as grandparents themselves.

Family tree print

If you’re willing to put in the extra effort, a framed family tree print is possibly one of the best gifts to give to a grandparent. Even if the old photos of your ancestors seem too damaged, there are photo studios today that could restore them. A framed family tree print is a photo gift that would not be fascinating only to your grandparents, but everyone who lays their eyes on it.

Framed photo

A framed photograph is a classic choice in photo gifts for grandparents and photo gifts in general. Pick the right frame and the right photo, and you’re golden. For many reasons, grandparents don’t always have the chance to be present at some of their families’ most important events. Whether you choose to frame a photo that the grandparent has never seen or a photo they are in, you can’t go wrong.

A framed photo collage is just one of the photo gifts for grandparents.

Framed collage

A framed collage is possibly one of the best ways to tell a story through photos. You can consult a photo studio or use your own resources to choose a frame and the photos in it. You can choose a collage photo frame, multi-picture frame or frame a ready-made collage of your family’s photographs. Whatever you choose, the photo story will definitely be held dear by any grandparent.

Sherish as a way to create photo gifts

Created by My Personal Network Inc., Sherish is an app that helps protect, back up and share your photos and memories. Sherish offers ways to organize your photos and share them securely with the people you choose. When it comes to finding a way of preserving memories and sharing private family photos, Sherish definitely takes the prize.

Sherish is grandparents' favorite app.

We live in an era that makes taking photos easier than ever before. Many of us own smartphones with good cameras, so taking photos and sharing them has never been more convenient. Sherish is a platform that doesn’t involve the potential dangers of sharing family photos on social media websites. Sherish has a way of protecting your memories, allowing your photos to be seen only by the people you explicitly choose.

Taking photos is no longer a luxury. The qualities you should be looking for nowadays are privacy and convenience – and they are both embedded in the Sherish photo app.

Although Sherish has numerous features, it can be easily used by folks of all generations. It’s a platform that manages to remain feature rich while also being convenient and easy to use.

Sherish photo app features:

  • Sherish enables you to edit your photos and organize them in special photo albums for an easier viewing experience.
  • Sherish also has a desktop app you can install on your computer.
  • Sherish integrates with apps like Dropbox, Picasa, Flickr, Evernote, iPhoto and iCloud, making it easy to import and synchronize your photos from other apps.
  • With your Sherish subscription, you get unlimited cloud storage so that you can keep your photos stored safely forever.
  • Unlike other unlimited cloud storage service providers, Sherish won’t compromise the quality of your photos – they will be preserved in their original form.
  • With Sherish, you can order printed copies of your photos from Walgreens with a simple click.
  • Sherish enables you to securely share your photos with whomever you choose, no matter if they are registered to Sherish or not.

Why a Sherish connection can be one of the best photo gifts for grandparents

Although choosing a photo gift like a framed photograph or a photo album may seem like a classic safe-bet choice, think again. Your grandparents care more about frequency and regularity.

Unlike the typical photo gift, Sherish allows you to keep grandparents updated to the minute. All you have to do is to keep them connected through Sherish.

If you’re using a regular Sherish account, you can share each album with them manually (they will receive a link in their email). Alternatively you can get a family-based Sherish Connect account, which allows you to include up to 50 family members on a single membership plan. This option automates everything for you and keeps all of the family well connected.

Remember, with Sherish you can take photos and create then share albums on the go. Hence your grandparents can get information on the important events in your life in a timely manner. Most importantly, Sherish will never compromise your privacy and your photos will always be safe.

Sherish is incredibly convenient and easy to use by people of all ages.

Sherish has apps for both iOS and Android devices. A regular Sherish membership costs $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year. A Sherish Connect membership costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. Remember: there is nothing better than having the private photo album of your family and loved ones at your fingertips, at all times.

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