Digitizing old photos to make them last forever

Have you found an old album full of great photos of your friends and family? What if I told you there is an easy way to get these photos into the digital world and store them online? Digitizing old photos will open up a lot of opportunities for you. This includes easy online photo sharing with your closest friends and posting those old photos on social networks.

Useful tips for digitizing old photos

Capturing and storing old print photos online is an easy process that doesn’t require a lot of money. You don’t need expensive and professional photo equipment; a good smartphone camera can do the job perfectly well. After the digitizing process, your old photos will be featured with a new glow and look better than ever! I just digitized my old-school scrapbooks and pictures using these simple tips:

Smartphone camera quality

You don’t have to purchase an expensive Canon or Nikon camera that professionals use for their photo sessions. Most of the higher-level smartphones today are equipped with quality cameras that can serve as a DSLR alternative. You can use the smartphone camera to capture quality digital images of your old photos.

Usually, an 8-megapixel camera can do a fine job of capturing significant image details without a problem. Even though megapixels are not a measure of photo quality, most high-level smartphone cameras start at 8-megapixels. Also, always keep in mind you should pick a smartphone camera with an autofocus feature.

The autofocus feature makes the camera focus automatically on a subject without forcing you to do it on your own. This makes taking photos easier and faster. You can also use the image stabilization feature to adjust the focal length between the photo and the lens to avoid getting blurry digitized photos.

Happy elderly seniors couple in park.

Lighting and photo placement

The process of capturing an old photo requires excellent lighting. Having a room with huge windows that provide enough sunlight will do the trick because the light source determines the quality of the digitized photo. The natural light coming from the windows is a great option, but you can also use a large lamp or rent a softbox-type lighting kit.

The next step is to place the photo in a position so that the light reflects equally on each side. Otherwise, the photo will only get enough light in one area, while being darkly shaded in other places. You can use a white backdrop behind the old photo to get a clean and consistent look of the digitized image.

Finally, check to see if the old photo has been bent up or rolled in any way. It should be flatly placed on the surface to make it easier for you to capture every possible detail.

Capturing and editing

Before you begin shooting, make sure you’ve achieved the perfect lighting, placed the old photos on a clean background and turned on the stabilization feature on your smartphone camera. Also, try to remove as many imperfections as possible, like dust, to get the best results from the shooting session.

Avoid using the camera zoom feature. Zooming in, you are decreasing the number of pixels the camera is capturing, which means you are losing important photo details. Furthermore, use the grid feature to align the photo in the middle of the frame.

Remember to set the image quality to high so that your smartphone camera creates the best image possible. In addition, feel free to play with the manual exposure settings of the camera app to find the best light within your frame. After you are done, you’re officially ready to make a photo album of your old print photos.

Be careful not to edit the digitized image too much. If necessary, rotate the photo so that you align it in a straightforward frame. Next, crop out everything other than the old print photo itself. You don’t need people to notice you’ve been literally taking a photo of a photo.

In addition, experiment with the exposure and sharpness level to bring out the details of the photo which otherwise might be hidden in the noise or out of focus. Try adding some basic filters to enhance the photo authenticity and originality.

Happy elderly couple sitting in autumn park

Online storage

The last step of the digitizing process is saving and storing the newly created photos. Saving them on your hard drive is the easiest way to do it. But is it the safest one? Laptops can easily get damaged or stolen, while desktop computers are inclined to crashes and data loss.

Sherish gives you the opportunity to store your digitized photos online; It’s the best way to keep your photos safe and secure since nobody but you are aware of their location. Plus, you get to store photos in their original resolution and preserve the image quality.

Sherish doesn’t limit the storage capacity of your account, unlike many other apps. You can upload an unlimited amount of digitized photos and share them with your closest friends and family. Lastly, the storage space is secured and protected against hackers and viruses which can lead to photo loss.

Sherish – the complete photo package for your digitized photos

Needless to say, you need a photography app that is designed with easy-to-use interface; an app which doesn’t require countless manual adjustments. After all, capturing and sharing a photo using your smartphone should be a simple process.

Other than unlimited online storage, Sherish offers features such as facial and location recognition, so that you can learn the name of a person or the location where the photo has been taken. You can even add an audio note to all your photo creations – one of the unique features of this app. By including your voice in the digitized photos, you’ll be creating a complete viewing experience.

Most importantly, Sherish prioritizes the privacy of your photos and comes with a no profiling feature. You choose who you’re going to share your photos with, without worrying that uninvited people might see them.

The Sherish app makes digitizing old photos easier than ever.

At Sherish, we’ve done our best to offer you a complete photo package which can help you in digitizing old photos and storing them in the cloud. Don’t waste your time on organizing your photo albums and let the Sherish app do it for you!

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