Beautiful gallery wall ideas to inspire you

gallery wall ideas - living room

Gallery walls are very “in” right now. With their myriad of styles and choices, they are a unique way to refresh your living space and give it warmth and color. This may seem like a simple endeavor, but it does require planning and imagination. Fortunately, there are many lovely gallery wall ideas to choose from. Just decide what you like and let your creativity do the rest.

Things to consider for a picture perfect wall

Gallery walls are an increasingly popular interior design element. With a little effort, they can completely transform the appearance of any room, making it more stylish, cozy or colorful. They are also an affordable way to introduce artistic beauty into your home, without investing a fortune in expensive works of art. Your family members, pets, landscape photos… All these can be transformed to striking pieces of wall art.

gallery wall ideas

To make sure everything turns out fine, follow these simple steps:

Decide what you want to hang on your wall

Will it be original art, prints, inspirational quotes or perhaps your kids’ artwork, or maybe pictures of you and your family? First of all, choose pieces that you love. These decorations will be adorning your home, so make sure they are visually pleasing and meaningful to you. Don’t hang abstract art if you prefer flowers or butterflies just because it’s trendy right now.

Choose the frame

Frames are very important to the composition, so consider them carefully. Although there are countless styles to choose from, it’s best to go with a single choice to avoid visual overload. For a more attractive outcome, match the frame color to your wall color. It will accentuate the pictures and create a more striking and dramatic impression.

Plan out the placement

Will you arrange your art in a line, a circle, a spiral or some other shape? The arrangement should match the content you choose. For example, abstract art would look great as a spiral-shaped or asymmetrical composition.

That said, this is creative work, so don’t feel obligated to stick to your original plan at all costs. Sometimes, once you start placing frames on the wall, a completely new idea can spring to mind. So just decide on the general layout and go with the flow. Whatever you choose, make sure to avoid visual clutter. Many designers use the trick of displaying an odd number of photos, instead of an even one, as people tend to like it more.

Decide where you’re going to hang your art

The arrangement of your art will depend on the location. For example, you can arrange your photos in a narrow line along your hallway or staircase. This is an excellent choice if you don’t want to be looking at them for hours on end every day. At the same time, it will make your hallway or staircase more interesting. You can also transform an entire corner of your living room in an attractive gallery wall, from the floor to the ceiling.

gallery wall ideas - staircase

Choose what to display and where to get it

If you decide to hang your favorite quotes, you can find them online and print them. Or you can simply buy them framed, just like reproductions of famous paintings you like. You can also use phone camera photos, children artwork, travel memorabilia and much more. If camera phone pics are your preferred choice, what better place to get them from than your Sherish photo album?

Don’t forget, Sherish keeps your photos in their original resolution, so the image quality will be completely preserved. All you need to do is order prints from your local Walgreens and get high-quality hard copies of your artistic work in no time. For added convenience, you can have the prints mailed to you or pick them up yourself.

And since these professional-grade prints come in a variety of sizes, you can let your imagination guide you. You can go for a lovely combination of several small prints or choose a couple of large poster size prints to transform your wall into a striking work of art.

Beautiful gallery wall ideas

Now that you’re all set, here are some lovely gallery wall ideas to spark your imagination and give your creativity a push.

gallery wall ideas - living room

Kids’ room

You can display the masterpieces and favorite toys of your kids, or perhaps include an interestingly shaped chalkboard so your child can spontaneously draw. You can also use a painted pegboard to hang school supplies or sports equipment. Design and decorate this room in your kids’ preferred style, so they feel inspired to spend more time inside, studying and doing their homework.

Travel-themed wall

If you enjoy traveling, why not use your walls to eternalize those journeys? You’ll be reminded of good times and be inspired every time you look at your beautiful wall. You can even frame and hang souvenirs, postcards and other keepsakes of the places you’ve visited.


As we mentioned earlier, staircases are a great place to hang your artwork. Consider decorating this part of your house with family portraits you can look at as you climb up the stairs. It’ll give you a deep sense of belonging and family.

Empty frames

Why not add a bit of eccentricity to your living space and create a gallery wall consisting of empty frames? It’s going to be unique, eye-catching and you won’t have to spend time questioning yourself what pictures to frame. You can also hang them in your kids’ room so they can display their artwork. You can also use layered picture framesSuperimposing picture frames on top of one another is a great way to add depth, dimension and texture to the wall.

gallery wall ideas - empty frames

Revive old frames

If you have old frames lying around, why not refresh them a bit? Spray paint is a simple and inexpensive way to make them presentable again. If you have a large picture frame, you can use it to place several smaller pictures within.

Family collages

Family bonds are deep and meaningful to all of us, and these gallery walls are the perfect way to cherish the people we care about and moments that matter. Why not use pictures from your Sherish connect album to create a fabulous wall display the entire family will admire?

And since all family members can add photos to your Sherish album, you’ll have plenty of material to work with. Plus, the photos you like best can be easily downloaded from the web and printed with the simple touch of a button.

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