The Best Photo Filter Apps for iPhone

It isn’t always easy to create unique images. A photo you take the regular way isn’t always interesting to look at. Fortunately for us there are a ton of apps that offer quality photo filters to help you with photo creativity and help your pictures stand out. To help you narrow down your choice I’ve compiled a list of the best photo filter apps for iPhone.

The majority of photo filter apps allows you to create your own filters. You can also implement your style into all your photos. The apps encourage new iPhone photographers to unlock their potential and play with the simple, yet effective filters. Try out some of these and transform your images on social media.

If you use any of these apps, we’d love to hear your thoughts on them in the comments below.

A list of the best photo filter apps for iPhone

1. VSCOCam

VSCOCam has made a tremendous impact in the photo filter app world. The app has a simple design with effective editing tools that can be easily mastered. By playing with the settings, you can adjust the exposure and color of your pictures, as well as the color temperature and clarity, to make each photo unique and different.

Unfortunately, VSCOCam doesn’t include strong community features. You can’t comment, like or tag people with the app. Also, there are no private online galleries and you can’t upload photos to Flickr.

2. Instagram

This widely popular photo-sharing app is very effective because of its feature to upload images within seconds. Instagram has introduced a variety of filters that enhance the image quality (more than 20 filters available). Its interface is clear and simple, so everyone can adjust to it instantly.

Instagram is a highly-addictive app, so don’t be surprised if you end up using it for hours, daily. However, the images are not available in high resolution. Photos can be uploaded in 1080x1080px, which is incomparable with social media platforms like Flickr and 500px. Also, the photos you upload are either public or private – you can’t edit the privacy for each photo separately.

Freedom traveler woman standing with raised arms (photo with Instagram filter).

3. Snapseed

If you are interested in fine-tuning your images with the autocorrect feature, get Snapseed. The fine-tune option auto picks the color and contrast to improve the quality of any photo. Meanwhile, the selective adjustment tool lets you choose certain parts of an image you want to change, and enhances those parts.

Even though Snapseed offers numerous photo filters, you can’t share your created images on Twitter or Facebook. Hence, users have to post their enhanced photos manually, which can sometimes lead to  frustration.

4. Litely

Litely is an app with more than 60 photo presets, easy edits, and a drag anywhere interface. It supports panoramic photos and includes a smart adjustment feature that adjusts the composition, sharpness, and exposure of your photos.

You can get Litely with its starter pack of filters for free. However, those who want to enjoy a huge variety of (new) filters are required to pay $1.99 for the standard pack. In addition, you have to purchase every additional pack, so you may find yourself unwilling to make the most out of Litely.

5. Ghost Lens

If countless photo filters are your thing, Ghost Lens is definitely one of the best photo filter apps for you. It offers more than 130 filters for photos and videos alike. The app is focused on both video and photo quality, which is a feature not many photo filter apps have. After applying the filters, you can share your creation on popular social media platforms in high resolution.

Since it packs so many photo and video filtering features, Ghost Lens can be a bit difficult to adjust to. Even though the interface is pretty straightforward, you will have to spend a bit more time learning how the app works before actually mastering its tools.

Man traveler relaxing alone

6. PhotoToaster

This app lets you develop your own style by helping you with its 60 effects and more than 80 one-click settings regarding FX, lighting, vignette and textures. PhotoToaster also offers 45 unique borders for your pictures alongside the 20 texture overlays. As a result, you can create images which really stand out in terms of quality lighting and other effects.

While PhotoToaster does have a decent number of borders, it’s still not as good as its competitors. In addition, there is no eraser tool, which is a huge problem for people that are into serious photo editing.

7. Afterlight

Complex photo apps such as Afterlight have amazing exposure adjustments, lots of effects and sharing options to choose from. You can use its 56 filters and adjust the strength of the effect to create an impressive image.

However, the app has some pointless features, such as the 31 different light-peak options. You don’t really need to use all of them, right? Hence, if you aren’t interested in spending countless hours adding and erasing effects, you should look elsewhere.

8. FotoRus

FotoRus has some unique features, such as the InstaBeauty (capture the perfect selfie), Classic Collage, InstaMag and Pro Edit tools. The tools have enough filters, scenes and adjustment options for you to create the best image you possibly can. But, most of the app’s features are available in other photo filter apps.

You can create outstanding photos with the best photo filter apps for iPhone.

9. EyeEm

Here is another app with an excellent online community that can be compared to Instagram’s social impact. EyeEm makes your photos unique with its 24 free photo filters. Other fine-tune options include contrast, saturation, sharpen and more.

On the down-side, EyeEm doesn’t support photo effects and selective focus while in shooting mode. Also, there are no privacy options for the photos you create and share.

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When it comes to sharing photos, you can’t go wrong with Sherish. It has a simple and automatic photo sharing feature which you can use to send photos to your friends and family. Additionally, you can export your photo creations easily while the app is performing an automatic backup (thus protecting you from losing your photos).

You can get unlimited storage with Sherish for only $4.99/month. Once you create your filtered images, you can share them with people you love and trust, completely securely!

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