These are the Cool Photo Apps of 2016 to Watch For

cool photo apps to watch for in 2016

If you enjoy taking beautiful photos, chances are you are a passionate user of cool photo apps as well. Good photo apps go way beyond allowing you “to have fun” – they help you get the best out of your photos. The number of cool and useful photo apps is growing and the market is getting more competitive. This means there are a lot of cool apps offering a ton of cool features, so you may have trouble choosing the right one. To help you make a smart choice, I’ve created this list of the coolest photo apps to watch for in 2016.

The ultimate list of cool photo apps for 2016

Most of the apps that photo enthusiasts use are primarily sold as editing tools that help improve photos in various ways. From improving light and contrast, to changing photo composition, some of these apps can really take your photo editing experience to a higher level. So, here are some cool photo apps that will improve your photo editing and organizing experience in 2016.       


VSCO CAM is definitely one of the best mobile apps for editing photos. The app offers outstanding features for all Android users. These features help users streamline their images and simplifies the process of editing photos by offering a side comparison. The VSCO Grid feature allows users to connect with others by presenting their work in a grid view, and increase their social connections.


CYMERA is another outstanding photo editing app that offers various options for its users. The app comes with seven different lenses and four recording modes to help users improve their portrait snaps. With more than 20 filters, portrait features, decorations and realistic make-up effects, CYMERA is certainly one of the top photo editing apps. Its users can share their fabulous photos easily and directly on popular social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

cool photo apps for 2016, photo editing apps


This photo app is very fun to use, due to the numerous options and features it offers. PHO.TO LAB includes lots of background options and collage features, as well as hundreds of frames and photo filters to choose from. Due to the wide variety of features, the app can keep users entertained for hours. If you are annoyed by the ads that come with the free version, you can pay for the full version and enjoy an ad-free experience.


FOTOR is another cool photo app that helps you produce amazing photo editing results and is very easy to use. This app allows users to collage, edit and share their images with just a few clicks. The latest version (Fotor 6.3.1) introduced “the world’s first focus feature, allowing users to create photos with greater clarity and depth”.


This app is one of the most popular photo editing apps for Android. It offers numerous photo editing features, and is simple and easy to use. PHOTODIRECTOR includes lots of adjustable effects and blur tools, various photo frames, an unwanted object removal option, photo collages and much more.

cool photo apps for 2016, make a photo collage


PICSART allows its users to edit photos, create beautiful photo collages and digital visuals. It also enables users to share their work with others in a global creative community. PICSART offers numerous photo editing tools and customizable effects and filters, image overlays, stickers and text options, advanced artistic brushes and painting tools with layers.

Furthermore, this amazing photo app includes a collage maker, Vibrant, B&W LowCon and Lens Blur effects, a Before/After option with the Effects, etc. 


AFTERLIGHT is another cool photo app you should watch for in 2016. Aside from the wide variety of textures and filters, this great photo app allows users to enjoy numerous custom editing options. It also offers a lot of amusing frames to add to outstanding photo images.


The cool thing about PATH ON is that it lets users add witty or funny text to photos and create exceptionally amusing photo images. The user draws a path for the words to take, and the text then flows along that path. This feature is amazingly fun, especially since the user can adjust the alignment, letter space, and font.

cool photo apps for 2016, how to add text on photo


This photo app offers great photo editing tools, but its major selling point is the interface. HANDY PHOTO uses the corners of the screen to provide many different options. It keeps the central part of the screen clear, allowing users to add effects from the corner, as they choose. One of the most effective tools that come with this cool photo app is the Move Me tool. The tool enables users to clip out objects and resize, flip, or move them as they like.


If you are “a selfie fanatic”, this is certainly a photo app you should try. FACETUNE offers great airbrushing tools that can fix things a photo filter cannot fix. It helps the user get good results and get “digital makeup” by adding beautiful effects to their face. So, the next time you decide to take the perfect selfie, try FACETUNE and you’ll be amazed by the outcome.

cool photo apps for 2016, selfie editing app


What makes Sherish one of the coolest photo apps? Well, aside from being a photo app, its also a service with some amazing benefits. Regardless of which photo editing app you use for any initial touch-ups, Sherish lets you add a final touch to your photos and utilize them in various ways. Recording personal audio messages to add emotions to your photos allows you to create unique greeting cards and beautiful family albums. You can add comments and tag people to keep the memories while including all relevant details.

With Sherish we’ve made it so that turning your precious photos into great gifts is fun and easy. It can automatically gather all your photos from all of your social media profiles, email accounts, phones (other photo apps), computers, and external hard drives, and organize them in albums. This allows you to centralize your photos. Sherish comes with unlimited storage space and stores all of your photos from all sources, preserving their original size and quality. All photos can then be easily exported for printing.

One of the most outstanding features of the Sherish app is that it gives you complete control over the privacy of your photos. You can instantly share single photos or entire albums with friends and family, even if they don’t have a Sherish account. The app lets you carefully choose the audience for each of your photos. This makes it easy to view and share your personal photos safely.

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