The 5 Best Photo Collage Apps in 2016

Are you trying to find the best photo collage app for you?

If you’re like me, you love fun ways to display and present your best photos. This is why I’ve gone ahead and compiled for you this list of the best photo collage apps.

Taking photos is fortunately no longer a long and torturous process.

The best photo collage apps

Photo Grid

Photo Grid is a photo collage app made by KS Mobile. Photo Grid is one of the most popular collage apps for iOS. The app lets you combine photos into photo collages, but that’s not all. With Photo Grid, you can also edit and decorate photos, as well as add stickers and text.

  • Over 300 grid layouts for your photo collages
  • A photo editor with categorized filter effects for advanced stylization
  • A PinBoard that you can customize with your photos and memories
  • Video Slides that allow you to create custom video stories
  • Stitch, allowing you to combine photos, text and stickers into a long picture
  • Poster option, transforming your photographs into posters
  • Clip which allows you to create stickers from your own photos
  • A blur effect that helps create photos with a blurred background
  • A curl effect that adds a curling feature to the edge of your photos


MOLDIV is another popular photo app, made by JellyBus. MOLDIV advertises itself as an app that can satisfy the needs of newbies, professional photographers and everybody in between. MOLDIV is a feature-rich app and creating photo collages is just one of its many features.

  • The MOLDIV photo editor has 180 filters and textures among its photo editing tools
  • The collage feature allows you to combine up to 16 photographs in a single collage
  • You can choose from 310 frames for your collages
  • You can choose from 135 layouts to create magazine or poster style collages
  • The Pro Camera feature allows you to preset filters and other options before you take a photo
  • The Beauty Camera feature is intended for selfies and allows you to adjust its settings in real time
  • With the Beauty Camera, you can soften your skin, reduce or enlarge your features and adjust the intensity of the effects before you take a selfie.

Your photo collection no longer has to look like this!

Pic Collage

Created by Cardinal Blue, Pic Collage is a photo editor and a free-form collage creator. Pic Collage comes with unique stickers from designers like Sara M. Lyons, Sanrio and Mattel. By connecting a printer, you can print the photos you create with Pic Collage or simply share them with friends.

  • Pic Collage allows you to import photos from social media networks like Instagram or Facebook
  • You can edit your photos with photo effects by Aviary
  • There are many photo collage frames, backgrounds and stickers to choose from
  • You can create themed collages by choosing one of the premade photo templates
  • Pic Collage also has a social network where you can discover other photo enthusiasts or promote yourself
  • You can take part in Pic Collage’s contests and win prizes
  • You can share your photos and photo collages directly on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook

Pic Stitch

Pic Stitch is a photo collage app developed by Big Blue Clip. Pic Stitch is an app with a simple design and many photo-editing tools. Other than editing your photos and creating photo collages, Pic Stitch also allows you to share your photos on social media networks.

  • Pic Stitch has 245 different photo layouts
  • You can choose from 15 photo aspect ratios
  • There are many photo fx filters you can choose from
  • You get customizable photo borders with the Borders add-on pack
  • You can order prints from your photos and pick them up at Walgreens
  • Photos can be exported in high resolution and preserve their original quality
  • You can export your photos to any app on your phone that accepts JPEG images
  • You can save your photos in an album or share them via email

With the best photo collage app, your holiday photos can be neatly organized in a photo collage.


Sherish is an app you can use to back up, protect and share your photos in the best possible way. Sherish has been created to give your photos a permanent home and protect your memories forever. Sherish has many features for editing, organizing, sharing and securing photos.

  • You can easily edit your photos and organize them in albums for a better viewing experience
  • Sherish has a desktop app that you can use to access photos from all your devices
  • You can synchronize your photos across multiple devices
  • You can print your photos to Walgreens
  • With Sherish, you can import and synchronize your photos from other apps like Dropbox, Picasa, Flickr, iPhoto, iCloud and Evernote
  • Sherish provides unlimited cloud storage without compromising your photos’ quality
  • Sherish constantly keeps your photos secure
  • With Sherish, you can share your photos privately with whomever you wish, even if others don’t have a Sherish account
  • When sending photos with Sherish, you can record audio notes

Choose the best app for your photos

Today, most of us have mobile phones with cameras and taking photos is the best way to preserve our cherished memories. Thanks to modern technology, this activity is no longer a luxury. There are a few things we value more than the memories in our photos. Now that it’s easy to take photos on the go, the next objective is preserving them for years to come.

With Sherish, you can preserve your photos' quality and choose who you share them with!

When choosing an app for your photos, you should consider the app features you’re after, as well as the overall quality of the app. Other than photo editing features, you must make sure that with the app you choose, your photos will be completely protected.

Why you should choose Sherish as your primary photo app

Lots of Sherish users agree that Sherish is more than just a photo app. Security is a big issue in the online world, and Sherish provides the absolute best privacy for your photos. You can edit, organize, privately share and keep your photos secure, no matter what.

Many people choose Sherish over similar photo apps. Sherish provides all the basic photo editing features, and more. If you cherish your memories and care about permanently preserving your photos, Sherish is a must-have app for you!

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