Awesome Photo Project Ideas for the New Year


Do you want to create a special, unique photo project for the upcoming year? If you already have an amazing idea for your fun and joyful assignment, all you need is a nice camera and a splash of persistence. But, if you lack cool and creative photo project ideas, what follows are some suggestions you may find inspiring.  

The point behind the New Year photo projects

Committing yourself to a year-long photo project can be a fun and exciting experience. At first, it will mean turning your creative thoughts and ideas into a single, daily photo. Later, you may find it a great way to express your most intimate feelings and deepest thoughts. Depending on what you choose to focus on, your photos can present growth, development, positive changes, interesting people or even interesting objects.


The year-long photo project is a project about your life. It is about how you see and experience the world around you. It takes persistence to capture, document, sort and preserve the images thoughtfully. Capturing moments of your life and what your eyes see through the lens on a daily/weekly basis can be an amazing and joyful project.

Throughout the year, you will learn new methods and techniques of photography, which means you’ll constantly be trying different angles and settings, choosing better timing and lights, etc. These elements will largely affect the final outcome and result in a beautiful photo album.

Photo project ideas for 2016

Are you thinking about starting a New Year photo project in 2016? Here are a few ideas that can help you create an amazing photo project that will make you proud of yourself.

Choose a theme

Choosing a theme for your New Year photo project is a fun and easy way to start. It can be a color, a word, a season, or just anything that keeps your attention and inspires you to make photos. Then, take your first photo and label it. You can shoot theme photos for a month, a few months, or even a year. You can change your theme on a weekly or monthly basis and create a beautiful and unique photo story. Old street portraits, food, a dominant color – just take your pick and start!

Find a location

One of the best ideas for creating awesome photo projects is taking numerous photos of a certain location. This doesn’t mean that you should focus on exotic famous places that are pricey to reach – you can keep it simple. A neighbor’s beautiful garden, a nearby lake and even your backyard can be inspiring locations for creating a beautiful photo project. Actually, the view from your kitchen window can be just what you need to stay inspired.

The main point is to find a location close to home. Otherwise, if it takes a lot of traveling, you may find completing your photo project too challenging and give up early. But remember, your chosen location should be interesting enough to keep you entertained till the end of the project.


Choose a random image daily

If you get bored easily, you may not want to focus on just one particular location or theme for the entire photo project. Instead, get your camera and take a photo of anything you find appealing for the day. It is a great way to develop a routine of taking photos on a regular basis without getting bored. Also, you can choose your daily object of interest based on your mood, feelings or state of mind. A bird, a road, a cupcake – the choice is yours.

Focus on a complex object

If you don’t find simple, everyday objects which are interesting enough for an attractive New Year photo project, focus on a fairly complex object. More complex objects will boost your creativity and keep you engaged until the end of the project. Try various angles and lights, and if you are not satisfied with the outcome, continue with another concept or theme.

Choose an interesting concept

Speaking of choosing a concept for a photo project, you can choose a particular idea you like. For example, each day you can choose an object or a symbol that is closely related to your idea or concept, and take a photo. It could be a color, a shape, a word or a collection of images – it’s up to you. Your concept can be social issues, textures or just about anything that will trigger your creativity.


Useful tips to create an awesome New Year photo project

Whether you’ve decided to try one of the previously mentioned photo project ideas or not, there are a few things to consider. As these types of New Year photo projects are intriguing, yet challenging at first thought, we will share four tips that may prove useful.

Have your camera ready at all times

When committing yourself to a long-lasting photo project, having your camera ready to shoot at all times is a must. Don’t take a break or get lazy because you might miss on some great images. So, practice some self-discipline and catch those perfect shots.

Feel free to experiment                                                                   

Unless your photo project includes taking the same kind of photos, don’t hesitate to experiment and learn something new each month or each week. Discover the magic of learning new styles, features and new perspectives. You will soon find your skills improved and your photos better than ever before.


Train your eyes to spot the perfect light

Whatever you are shooting, you always have to consider the lighting. Learning how to get the most out of the natural or artificial light will immensely improve your photo shoot experience. Train your eyes to spot the perfect light in any situation, whether it’s a sunny or cloudy day outside. That is how you will end up with an amazing photo album by the end of 2016, and take photos like a pro.

When not taking photos, write down ideas

Rather than wait for the perfect daily/weekly photo, it is always good to plan ahead whenever you feel inspired. Writing down ideas for your next photo shoot can save you a great deal of time and energy if you lack fresh ideas. It is a great and useful practice that will encourage you to make the most out of your highly creative moments and enjoy the process.

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