Forget to Send a Christmas Card? No problem – Send a New Years Card!


If you forgot to send a thoughtful Christmas card, it’s no use sweating over it – there is still time to send a wonderful new years card! Writing a card yourself will give it a personal touch. Luckily, if your handwriting tends to make little children cry and shy away in terror, there are specialized services that enable you to order a New Year’s card for that special someone without terrifying them.

Additionally, sometimes you might think it’s best to send a greeting card with a photo of your family. This can be tricky because you’ll have to nail the photo right for it to represent good taste and warm feelings.

A roundup of great greeting card makers and distributors

There are literally thousands of services out there that offer greeting cards for every occasion. But not all of them are equally good. The following services have impressed me enough to want to share them with you.

A wonderful choice if you are looking for clean and great-looking cards for the holidays. You know that feeling when you enter a supermarket or a small kiosk with hundreds of greeting cards for sale, plastered with lively colors and shapes? Well, you can experience the same feeling if you visit

Whenever I am browsing this site for a greeting card, there are so many choices, that I literally experience the analysis paralysis syndrome. What’s so great here is that you can order a free sample of almost any card on offer. This effectively solves the problem you might have if you can’t decide what size and type of paper to choose.


The free sample can be a stock sample or you can even customize it yourself to see exactly how it would match your expectations. Pretty fancy, right? And, if you are thinking of the right words to say, the site’s editor offers sample verses that you can use and modify. is another heavyweight in this category. Almost everything that offers is available on, too. The website gives you a great toolbar to choose exactly what you want to see on your card. You can choose a preset photo or upload one on your own.

Afterwards, you can choose from the many customization options and modify the photos on the front of the card, the orientation of the photo, the general placement of the text, the format (postcard, petite, booklet, etc) and the printing type. These are all basic ‘filters’. If you click See more filters, you will be presented with additional options regarding the price, theme, style, shape and color of the card. really shines when you include your own picture (such as one of your family) and when you are planning to make multiple copies of the greeting card.

American Greetings

American Greetings is a website that has won numerous prizes and feature spots throughout the years.

There are several main categories featured on the site: Ecards, Print at home, Paper cards, Party supplies and Gifts. The Ecards category needs no explanation. The Gifts category includes various ornaments and gift cards. You can even opt in for a gift membership and send regular gifts in the course of one or two years.

Party supplies includes dots and stripes, and other party accessories you have come to expect on parties. Browsing the Paper cards category, you can order pre-designed cards that can be sent anywhere, and you can even become eligible for free shipping if your order exceeds $25. Needless to say, there are tens of greeting cards for each and every significant person in your life.


However, the Print at home category is the real deal. It includes an online card editor that enables you to create the perfect card with little effort. This will result in cards that are unique and carry your very own signature and greetings. After you’re finished with the editor, you can print your card at home and use special paper to make it look even more professional.

Honorable mentions

Here are a few more sources where you can find a nice new years card for your loved ones.

TinyPrints is an online company focused on prints and unique gifts. If you are looking to send a unique gift alongside your greeting card, check this service out.

Creating a photo book has never been easier, thanks to The site also enables the creation of calendars which can include your pictures, wine glasses and mason jars, and showcase a canvas with images of your choice.

Of course, traditional New Year’s cards are on the menu as well.

If you are specifically looking for an electronic greeting card for the New Year’s Eve, 123greetings might just offer you what you want. There are thousands of templates and some of them are dynamic (pictures that change constantly). You can customize your greeting card, send it to someone digitally and choose to receive confirmation when the e-card has been viewed.

How to take the perfect family picture for your New Years card

When thinking about sending a New Year’s card, you are probably considering the design, the words that the card would contain, as well as the background picture. If you are also considering using a picture of your family as a background, that’s great. Said picture will introduce warmth and affection that are often unreachable using any other means. But, it has to be done right!

Make sure you include the whole family (dressed appropriately), and pay attention to little details that can ruin the picture (head cuts, background looking dull and stale, dominant background light that makes the subjects and objects lose contrast and focus, etc). Oh, and of course, remember that nobody likes a grumpy face on a New Year’s greeting card, so you need to see the entire family smiling.


You can use Sherish to create that perfect family photo. Taking photos and sharing them with family members, wherever they are, has never been easier and safer. Using the Sherish app, you can make as many variations as you like and pin down the perfect picture. Then, you can use that image to create a memorable New Year’s card.

Even if some of the photos you’ve taken can’t help you in the process of making a wonderful new years card, you can still keep them, as Sherish offers unlimited storage space to all its users.

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