How to Take Amazing New Years Baby Pictures


Only a few things in life can make your heart melt and make you happy at the same time. One of those things is taking pictures of your beautiful baby in a New Year setting (it doesn’t get any cuter than that, does it). In this article, we will share a few useful tips on how to take New Years baby pictures like a real pro.

New Years baby pictures – get prepared

So, you are determined to take the best New Years baby pictures possible and create a beautiful memory album. In order to do so, you should get well prepared. Unless you are a professional photographer, chances are you will use a camera that defaults to automatic settings for your photo session. As much as the automated camera settings can make your session easy, they may not always satisfy your senses. Here’s what you need to know.

The first thing you should consider is checking if your camera allows you to change the aperture setting manually. This will help you create photos that focus on one primary subject, while getting the background to remain slightly blurred (out of focus). Such photos are pleasant to look at, since the viewer’s attention is right where you want it to be.


The next important thing to learn is using a natural light instead of an automatic flashbulb light for a better effect. Also, it is good to practice playing with the shutter speed, in order to capture motion or allow visual clues about your baby movements.

Regarding the equipment you need to take amazing New Years baby pictures, you should ensure you have proper camera lenses and formatted memory cards. Furthermore, you may want to consider having a few funny and noisy toys, a few different outfits and blankets.

Try “unusual” angles

One of the crucial elements in the process of taking amazing New Years baby pictures is the ability to spot good angles to shoot from. When choosing the best angle for your pictures, it is important to focus on the perspective, surroundings, lights, and all the little details. It is good to experiment and take a few shots from the most unexpected angles, as you may end up with some surprisingly beautiful pictures.  

If you want to make your photos look more intimate, don’t hesitate to use a longer focal length and take really close shots. Furthermore, you can experiment and position yourself down low, lying next to the baby, and take a few close-up shots from a different perspective.   

In order to take great baby photos this year, try various positions as they all open numerous possibilities. Position your baby over its sibling’s shoulder, lay it back or sit it up – just make sure the baby doesn’t get uncomfortable. Remember that a “common” baby position can help you take a perfect picture if captured from a good, unusual angle.

Choose the right timing

When it comes to taking baby pictures, it is essential to choose the right part/period of the day. As babies have their own daily routine, you should plan your New Year’s photo session accordingly. In the baby’s world, there are certain periods when they are happy and playful, but also times when they are cranky or crying. As these periods can change quite a few times in a single day, being ready when the “happy time” comes is crucial.


If your baby is still too young to have a daily routine, look for the moments when it seems calm and settled. For some babies, this happens during bath time. For others, it happens during feeding time or just after a midday nap. Choose the right timing and take a few beautiful photos of those cute wide-open eyes and happy giggles.  

Dare to play with colors

New Years baby pictures can be amazing in pastel colors or a black and white format. Even though most people choose the default, standard color format for their photos, it is always good to experiment a bit.

The black and white format can turn your “regular” New Years baby pictures into amazing photos. This format adds a certain softness to your images and accentuates the baby’s tenderness. If you only leave certain colors in your pictures, you will get amazing pastel images which give a completely different vibe when looked at.

Show your family’s relationships

New Years baby pictures can also include other close relatives and describe relationships between family members. You can create awesome holiday photos with your baby, its grandparents and the rest of the family. Showing the importance of family relationships through pictures can be a wonderful experience for everyone included. Capturing such relations and emotions will turn those beautiful moments into precious, lifelong memories.

Be inventive with the holiday decorations

Since the New Year is part of the Christmas season, chances are you will want to include some beautiful, elegant ornaments in your photos. However, it is advisable to avoid clichés, especially when speaking of taking quality New Years baby pictures. Instead of making everyone pose in front of the huge Christmas tree in the living room, find ways to be innovative.

In order to take your photos to a new level this year, try a few extreme close up shots, a composition suggesting depth, etc. The main point is to stay focused on the baby and the family bonds, instead of showing the distracting light bulbs or other shiny elements.


If you don’t have any interesting ideas in mind, you can try using the Bokeh technique. It is one of the most effective techniques for creating awesome New Years baby photos. With Bokeh, you can add interesting effects using the blurred part of the image as part of the composition. This technique will make your photos look amazing and you will feel like a pro.

Remember, it doesn’t take much for your adorable baby to look beautiful on those New Years baby photos. As a matter of fact, all it has to do is flash you a quick, cute smile! So, grab your camera, experiment with colors and angles, and take a lot of shots. Once you are happy with the outcome, share your wonderful photos safely with the rest of the family, using our popular Sherish app.

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