Cloud Storage vs External Hard Drives – Which is Best for Photos?


When it comes to photo storage, you’ve probably asked yourself: is it better to use cloud storage or external hard drives? A lot of people and companies nowadays try to promote cloud storage as the best solution for storing your precious photos. Still, a good cloud storage vs external hard drives comparison will help you learn the pros and cons of each.

Cloud storage vs external hard drives comparison

All of us have different habits and priorities regarding the storage of our precious files. Read the comparison and see what works best for you.

What are the pros of external hard drives?

If you store your photos using external hard drives, you will have access to them every time you have your device with you, without having to rely on being connected to the Internet.

External hard drives also make it easy to do standard backups of your photos. Even though some of the cloud services offer auto-backups, it is sometimes more convenient to perform scheduled backups or one-click backups on your external hard drive since there is no need to be online while you are doing it.


The external disk drive option is a good choice in cases when you are concerned with the privacy of your precious memories. You can rest assured that no one will be able to hack or guess your password, provided that the hard drive doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

Lately people have been focusing on a great new combination: hard drives with a cloud component. This combination lets you access files anytime you want using an internet connection, but you can also keep them safe in your hard drive. It’s like a personal Cloud.

What are the pros of cloud storage?

While hard drives are great for standard backups, they have limited storage capacity. This makes cloud storage the more beneficial choice of the two.  You can get a mini backup package with 20GB of space for free, depending on the backup service. This will be more than enough for you to store your everyday photos.

A basic backup package (20GB – 100GB) is great for a family interested in storing all of their photos regularly. It is definitely cheaper to pay for a cloud service than buy an external hard drive if you are sure you won’t need more than 100GB in the long run. If you have a company and you need to back up at least 1TB of data (including photos), you should stick to cloud storage again, as getting an external hard drive will cost you way more money.

Using cloud storage gives you access to your photos (and other data) anytime and anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection. Of course, it’s easy to find a network in most locations these days, so accessing the photos should not be a problem. Also, most of the cloud services include free apps which make it easier for you to download or upload photos using your mobile phone.


Sharing photos is super easy with cloud storage. You don’t have to send emails or Facebook messages to your friends and family. You can just upload the photos to the cloud and send others a link to download them.

One of the best things about cloud storage is that your photos can not be affected by things like computer (or mobile) viruses, data loss, hard disk failure, etc. You can also rest assured that your precious photos can never be ruined by fire, water,  and any other disaster, which is not the case when using a hard drive. All your special memories will remain unaltered and available to you for years to come.

What is the smartest solution for you?

If you weigh the pros and cons of cloud storage and external hard drives, you are most likely to choose the cloud solution. It is much safer than an external hard drive which can fail you at any time due to corruption or a physical damage. The safety of your precious photo memories is why you need the backup in the first place, right?

When it comes to storing photos, Sherish is among the best cloud solutions you can find. It brings all the advantages that cloud services have to offer, while solving the two biggest downsides of storing your photos in the cloud – space and privacy.

You will never have to worry about storage space again because we’ve made it possible for you to get unlimited storage for a low monthly fee. All your photos will be stored in their original resolution and you can download them 24/7. Having your photos stored in high resolution, you can easily turn them into photo gifts or holiday greeting cards by printing them with Walgreens – our partner.

The main goal of Sherish developers is to let you bring all of your photos together in a secure, private app. We believe that it’s very important to be in charge of the privacy settings and to be able to decide who gets access to your photos. Therefore, the app lets you choose the audience for every photo and album that you store in it.

You can easily share photos with friends and family members that are not using the app, too. They will receive a link with information that you have some new photos that you want them to see.

Sherish also lets you organize all your photos automatically using filters like location and date. This way you can quickly browse through your albums and find the photo you are looking for. Sherish is available for both computers and mobile devices, which makes it easy to manage your photos in a way that is most convenient for you at the moment.


To sum it up, Sherish is the app that can solve all your photo storing needs. The features of the app include:

  • Importing photos that are currently on your mobile phone, PC, hard drive or social networks
  • Automatic and safe backups of photos from your PC with Desktop Uploader
  • Organizing your photos by location and date
  • 24-hour support with just one click
  • Convenient sharing and guaranteed privacy
  • Posting comments on photos and tagging people that matter to you

If you like these features, you can try Sherish for 6 months, free of charge. We guarantee that it will show you that backing up and sharing photos with the ones you love is easier and more convenient than ever before.

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