Online privacy protection essentials

The Internet has given us a wealth of information at our fingertips. We have never before had so much knowledge compiled in one publicly accessible database. However, the information we store online comes with a price. Just as we can access so much information about the world around us, the world around us can also learn about our own lives.

You can take steps to safeguard your information by following these simple online privacy protection essentials.

Safe Passwords

LastPass is a comprehensive password manager for all of your online accounts. The most important thing about online privacy protection is to safeguard your passwords, but once you get past online account number 37 it gets tempting to use one master password so that you can remember them all. LastPass allows you to use secure, unique passwords without forgetting any of them. Just sign in once and you can get access to all of your other accounts, and add a layer of security to your online persona.

Secure Photo Sharing

Sharing a photo on Sherish

Sherish is a photo app that allows you to store, organize and share your pictures all in one convenient location. It defaults to complete security, meaning your photos stay your own even after you share them! If you change your mind about who can see your photos, you can revoke access so they can’t view it any longer. Users can make sure their photos are only seen by trusted friends and family, not the general public or friends of friends.

Unsubscribe From Spam is a tool that shows you everything you’re subscribed to and will help you unroll yourself in a few easy clicks. You’ll be able to view all the lists you signed up for then forgot about, and see all the companies that know your email address. Keep a¬†clutter-free inbox for your online privacy protection so you can spot spam right when it hits.

Say No to Tracking

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that does not track your activities. It ensures that your browsing activity isn’t recorded and stored later on for advertisers to use. For example, if you search for nearby wineries with DuckDuckGo, your on-page ads won’t magically turn into wine advertisements.

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