A private photo sharing option for the whole family

A private photo sharing option

Have you heard of Sherish? We created this app to provide truly private photo sharing to anyone who wants to store and share their online photos securely. Today, we’re providing a quick run-down about how Sherish can help you share moments and memories with your friends and family, worry-free.

1. Unlimited storage space, full-resolution photos

The Sherish app comes with unlimited storage space, which means you can keep your entire photo library in your Sherish account. We will never compress your photos, so they will remain as clear as the day you took them.

2. Complete, uncompromising security

Sherish’s default and only setting is total privacy. It provides the ultimate private photo sharing solution, with online privacy built into the foundation of the company. Not only will we never sell your email address or send you spam, we protect your photos in an airtight vault. Our cloud storage solution allows you to store your pictures and be assured of their privacy.

3. Easy sharing that goes the extra mile

All Sherish users can share their photos with friends and family via email, SMS or in-app if the recipient also has an account. If the photo owner changes his or her mind, just revoke access and the recipient will no longer be able to view the photo in question. Sherish keeps you in control of your photographs, no matter who you send them to. Users can also attach voice notes to all photos, so you can send a recording along with any photograph.

4. Ultimate backup and access

Backing your photos up on Sherish means that you will be able to access your photo library from any device, as long as you have your Sherish log in information. Your photos and memories will be safe on our cloud storage system whether your laptop breaks down or you lose your phone.

5. Start storing, organizing and sharing your photos in two steps

Just sign up for Sherish and download the app to take full advantage of private photo sharing, storage and organization for all your photos from now on. Try it now and get 6 months free!

You take great photos. Give them a great home. Try Sherish FREE for 6 Months

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