Photo sharing apps: 5 efficient options

5 awesome photo sharing apps

These awesome photo sharing apps will help you share moments with friends and family quickly, easily and efficiently.

1. Swipe

Swipe is currently still in beta testing, but it’s an app that treats photo sharing in a new and different way. You can add friends via username or their phone number in your contacts. If you see a photo you like, swipe right, otherwise swipe left. You can also swipe up if you want to comment on a photo. The Swipe app doesn’t say much about the photographer, as users are meant to be focusing on the image.

2. Sherish

Sherish screenshots| 5 Apps with Unlimited Photo Storage

Sherish is a photo sharing and organization app with unlimited storage space. Users can upload their entire photo library to Sherish and access it from anywhere. Photos are never compressed for space, so they remain at the same resolution as the day you uploaded. Sherish has a focus on privacy, so your photos are automatically put under layers of security online. Users can share the photographs (even with non-Sherish users) via email, SMS or in the app, but anytime you change your mind you can revoke viewing permissions.

3. WeHeartIt

WeHeartIt allows users to “heart” and favorite images from other WeHeartIt users. You can search for certain photos by using keywords or by searching for a specific user. Your profile shows which images you favorite, so it can showcase what type of photos inspire you.

4. WedPics

WedPics is a photo and video sharing app for weddings. It allows users to create their own apps for everything from the accommodations to the events of a wedding. You can use WedPics to collect and share all your wedding photos and create custom photo albums on your app. Users can send photos to be printed and all shared photos can be commented on. You can also “Love” your favorite photos and see which photos get the most Loves.

5. Flickr

The Flickr mobile app allows users to share and connect with the entire Flickr community. You can upload and share individual photos or entire albums, and follow other users to see any photos they upload. Flickr also provides 1000GB of storage for photos and videos so you can use it to house some of your photo library as well.

What photo sharing apps do you like to use? What features are the most important for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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