A photo sharing site that protects your privacy

An awesome photo sharing site that protects your privacy

Sherish is a photo sharing site that focuses on online privacy and photo security. These issues are especially important for parents with young families and those who value privacy but enjoy sharing photos with friends and family. Here’s the scoop on Sherish and how it can help protect you online.

What is Sherish?

Sherish is a private photo organization, storage and sharing app that uses cloud storage and airtight privacy settings to safeguard your photos. Just sign up for an account and download the desktop and mobile apps to begin using it.

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How can you use Sherish?

  • Store – Sherish offers unlimited photo storage at your pictures’ original resolutions. That means your photos stay as clear as the day you took them.
  • Organize – Find photos easily by using custom tags, sorting by location, or creating special albums. You can also search by photo subject, so you can find all the pictures of your dog in one click.
  • Share – Share photos, even with non-Sherish users, via email, SMS or in the app. If you change your mind about who can see your pictures after you share them, you can always revoke access and regain complete control.
  • Import and back up – Import or automatically back up your library so even if you drop your laptop or lose your phone, you won’t lose your pictures.
  • Collaborate – Create shared albums with multiple contributors. People can also add comments to the photos you share with them, so it’s an easy way to keep in touch and caught up.

How does Sherish protect your privacy?

Sherish is a photo sharing site that was created with a focus on privacy. Developed specifically for parents who want to share photos of their kids while respecting their online privacy (for when they get older), the default and only setting for Sherish is ultimate privacy. We will never share your photos with the public, advertise, or sell your information. Everything is under lock and key for future generations.

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