The top 12 baby photography blogs to follow

best baby photography list

No matter if it’s your profession or hobby, photography is a wonderful way to capture precious moments in life and create beautiful art. While some people enjoy taking photos of wild life, nature or outstanding architecture exteriors/interiors, most of new parents are interested in baby photography. One of the best sources of amazing baby photo ideas are baby photography blogs. So, if you are a parent, you will surely be interested in this baby photography blog list.

The Best baby photography blogs list

If you have decided to create the perfect baby photo album of your newborn, this baby photography blog list will help you get inspired.

1. Little Pieces Photography

The blog at Little Pieces Photography is certainly one of the best choices for everyone interested in creating gorgeous baby photos. This resourceful blog is not only about presenting fabulous newborn baby photo ideas; it is also educational. It offers useful video tutorials and courses about creating the right environment and setting, and other valuable information.

In addition, the founder of this blog, Kelly Brown, offers two-day workshops for those eager to learn more about baby photography. These workshops include classes about baby posing – babies alone, babies and their siblings/parents etc. Furthermore, they include classes about capturing the perfect light, lens selection, white balance, exposure and composition, etc.

2. Erin Tole Photography

This is another very inspirational baby photography blog. Beside the plethora of creative ideas for adorable baby photos, this blog offers newborn photography mentoring. It gives both professional and new photographers the opportunity to increase their knowledge of baby photography (posing, editing, etc).

3. Anamaria Brandt Photography

Anamaria Brandt’s is another terrific baby photography blog/website you should check out. It offers a beautiful selection of pregnancy and newborn photo examples, newborn and family photography ideas, and more. Furthermore, there are some great articles about the best time to take pregnancy photos, as well as other useful subjects.


4. Son Kissed Photography

This blog consists of adorable newborn, baby and family photography ideas that can inspire both amateur and professional photographers. The blog’s baby photo gallery is as attractive as it is emotional.

5. Jenni Mansell Photography Blog

Jenni Mansell is certainly one of those photographers that can teach you a lot. She offers some very eye-catching, cute, and inspirational baby photo ideas (both in black-white and color variants), displaying a great deal of emotion and professionalism. She is also great at baby and family photography, as well as baby and siblings photography.

6. Sandy Puc Photography

The blog of Sandy Puc is another one you should not hesitate to check out. This modern photography blog offers a baby’s 1st year photo session program, and a pregnancy and toddler session program. The photos on the blog are amazingly cute and inspirational.


7. Shutterflies Photography

Shutterflies Photography is a photography blog that is definitely worth your time and attention. Here, you will come across some fabulous photo shoot ideas, and offers for family and newborn sessions. You can learn how to enhance your baby photos and make them even more gorgeous.

8. Sorry About The Mess

If you are looking for a beautiful baby photography and family photography blog, you would surely like to hear that Chloe’s blog features a wide selection of baby photography ideas. Chloe does a wonderful job capturing everyday moments and turning them into everlasting pieces of art.

9. Anne Geddes

One of the most outstanding baby photography blogs is definitely Anne Geddes’ blog. It offers iconic images representing the purity, beauty and vulnerability of a newborn child. Here, you will find great ideas for your first year baby book, beautiful baby photo calendars and so on.


10. Jewel Images

The blog at Jewel Images can be your daily source of truly awesome newborn, baby, family and maternity photos. Simply viewing some of the galleries of photos will surely boost your creativity. Bear in mind that Jewel Images Portrait Design is a studio specialized in custom fine art, as well as children, baby, newborn, maternity, and family pictures.

11. Catherine Cattanach Photography

Catherine’s Wellington Photo is one of the most beautiful and helpful baby photography blogs. It contains great photo galleries of baby portraits, children, adults and family portraits. It displays a high level of creativity and sensibility, especially regarding baby photography.

12. Top Baby Photography

Last but not least, Top Baby Photography is a baby photography blog we sincerely recommend. Beside stunning photography ideas, the blog offers a free Newborn Photography e-book: a guide to taking beautiful pictures of your newborn. This guide is all about how to capture the best baby pictures and can especially be of help to new photographers.



Types of baby photography

There are two types of baby photography: posed (studio) and lifestyle. Even though these types differ quite a lot from one another, the final outcome can be awesome! Here’s why.

A posed baby session takes more than a couple of hours to complete. The main reason for this is that the baby should be deep asleep. While some babies can sleep for two-three hours straight, others tend to wake up every once in a while. Then, it takes time to feed them, change their diapers and wait until they fall asleep again.

This type of photo session must be done quietly and slowly, so that the baby doesn’t wake up, at least not too often. Some poses include cute bows and hats, and can be challenging to accomplish without waking up the baby.

The second type of baby photography is known as lifestyle baby photography. This type of session is usually easier to finish successfully, so it requires less time than posed sessions. The main reason why lifestyle photography is easier is that the baby doesn’t have to be asleep.

A lifestyle baby photography session doesn’t involve a photo-studio; it can be done in the living room, kitchen or bedroom – not to mention that there are some really adorable moments to be captured by a camera while feeding the baby or changing its diapers.

The baby photography blogs that were mentioned above include both types of baby photography. They can truly inspire you to create beautiful photo images by yourself, as well as teach you what to ask for when hiring a professional photographer.

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