Why choosing the best photo storage solution is important

Just like everyone else, you most likely want to capture the best moments of your life by taking photos. I’m sure you want to store them, too, no matter if it’s in your computer, the Cloud, or an external storage device. Therefore, what you need is the best photo storage solution.

Photos can be a great reminder of the moments you’ve shared with your loved ones. Also, as technology is always moving forward, all special moments can now be captured with just one click. You can take photos with a professional camera or your smartphone. But, where can you store that many photos?

There are many options when it comes to unlimited photo storage, but which one is right in your situation? Most online solutions come with great benefits like automatic photo backups and access to your photos at any time, so you should carefully consider what other features you need before deciding on one.

Why unlimited photo storage?

There are so many reasons why you would need unlimited photo storage. Let’s say that you save all of your photos on your PC. Chances are you will realize that you don’t have as much space as you first hoped. You wouldn’t want to end up making a selection of all of the photos and deleting some of them, would you? After all, they all capture special moments you’ve once experienced and there will be times when you’ll just want to browse them and relive old memories.

You can always buy a 1TB external disk. That space is limited though, and you’ll realize that sooner than you might think. You can avoid this problem by using unlimited photo storage. There are lots of companies that offer free unlimited photo and even video storage in some cases, so why not give it a chance?

You will have access to your photos from any device you want, just by logging into your account. It will be easier to share the memories you cherish with your friends and all photos will be automatically synced from your mobile phone, personal computer, or tablet to your online account.

You can face issues when trying to find a way to store all your photos

Choose the best photo storage solution

So you have decided to store your photos online. Now it’s time to check out some of the most popular options available.

Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive offers unlimited photo storage. As long as you are using Amazon Prime, you can get this service completely free of charge. Cloud Drive enables adding photos in three easy ways:

  1. Over the Internet, with your Amazon account – all you need to do is log in.
  2. Via your mobile phone – with the mobile app.
  3. Directly from your PC – by downloading the app (for Windows or Mac).

You will get access to your photos anywhere as well as automatic photo backup and secure online storage. If you’re already using Amazon Prime and paying $99 for it yearly, why not take Cloud Drive for a spin?


I believe everybody knows that Dropbox is the most popular photo storage solution worldwide. Its main purpose is to store your photos and videos online, and let you share them with your family, friends or coworkers.

If you’re not involved in a business and are primarily interested in storing photos, Dropbox may not be the right choice for you, as unlimited photo storage is only available for teams (in expensive business accounts). One of the better features of Dropbox is that it uses Carousel, an app that backs up your photos automatically and displays them in a timeline. So if your company needs a solution that can help in creating backups and sharing photos easily, you can’t go wrong by choosing Dropbox.

Google+ and Google Photos

Even though Google’s social network is not as popular as the company once hoped, I strongly recommend Google+ as a great online photo storage solution. It comes with some great benefits, such as adding cool effects to your photos, automatically creating vacation photo albums and turning your pictures into GIFs.

Since other social networks are competing with Google+, you won’t be able to upload pictures from platforms like Facebook or Twitter. But, if you need to back up photos from your phone or personal computer, using Google+ may be just what you need.

In addition, Google has revealed a free unlimited photo storage solution – Google Photos. What you should know, however, is that this service compresses all your photos and videos, so their quality might get reduced in the process. You can choose to pay a small amount of money in order to enjoy Google Photos to its fullest, though.

Photo Stream

If you own an iPad, iPhone, or Mac, you can use Apple’s Photo Stream service. It streams a 1000 of your most recent photos, no matter which device is used. You can share your photos to other iOS devices with Shared Photo Stream or create web–based photo galleries that can be accessed by everyone.

The Photo Stream service is good, but it is still a work in progress. You can’t view all of your photos (except those on your Mac), it doesn’t support videos, and it can’t be used if you don’t have an Apple device. If you need it for personal reasons, it’s a decent choice and lets you store an unlimited number of photos and view them on your Mac.


Sherish is one of those apps that will make certain that you never have to worry about storing and sharing your photos using countless services or devices. The Sherish photo app is a great way to keep all of your photos safe at all times. You are also in complete control of the privacy of the photos (you choose the people who can view them) and to make things better, you can store as many as you want (thanks to unlimited storage, of course).

Sherish is among the best photo storage solutions

The photos that matter the most to you will automatically be organized, no matter if they are on your phone or computer. Definitely consider giving the Sherish photo app a try as soon as you can.

You take great photos. Give them a great home. Try Sherish FREE for 6 Months

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