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There is nothing more heartwarming than admiring a beautiful family photo. Taking pics of your loved ones can be an exciting and addictive hobby, especially if you have enough inspiration for great family photo shoot ideas.

Taking the perfect photo that captures your family is not easy, but it’s rewarding. There are a few features that can make the difference between a good photo and an outstanding one. To help you find this key to success, we’re giving you a few useful tips for taking awesome, unforgettable family photos. It’s never too early to begin planning your holiday cards! Plus, you can make some of the photos into ultra unique gifts.


How to take dazzling family photos

When taking family photos, be mindful of what everyone is wearing. These images could be around forever, so you want you and your family to look your best in them. Aside from the gorgeous smiles, the beautiful setting, and a happy family, your wardrobe’s appearance is very important.

In order to get an interesting, non-usual effect, try mixing and matching colors and different types of clothes. However, remember to avoid colors or shades that don’t go well together or outfits that look too formal. Wearing clothes in the same color, but different shades, may give you an idea to start with. Also, wearing the same type of outfit in totally different colors will add a uniform, yet unique effect to your family photos.

Creativity is another crucial factor for composing an awesome family photograph. There are numerous ways to be creative and take an outstanding photo of your loved ones. Feel free to take multiple fun shots (try a jumping pic!) and select the best to add special effects to afterwards. If you want formal, go for it, but if you want fun, let your imagination guide you.

How you place your family members is also an important factor when taking a family photo. Try different spots for each family member, try taking photos with the whole family and a few with just the kids, and experiment with different compositions. Depending on how many people are in the photo and how much space you have, you can come up with some wacky ideas here (try spelling your last name using your bodies, like the YMCA). As your family gets larger, you’ll have to get even more creative in placing everybody in your perfect family portrait.


When dealing with a large family, it is a good idea to create groups and then position them as you like. You can avoid the standard, casual centered placement of people and try to mix groups. However, make sure to use a wider depth-of-field on your camera settings in order to keep each family member looking sharp. Also, remember to place the tallest people in the back and the shortest ones in the front.

If you decide to group people before taking your awesome family photo, show the closeness between them. It is a good idea to show obvious emotions that connect the groups by focusing on facial expressions. They can hug or hold hands while making each other laugh, which are all moments you shouldn’t miss. Try to avoid unnatural smiles and poses by letting people be themselves when you capture the memories.

Make your great family photo shoot ideas come true

Turn your family photo shoot ideas into reality by conveying emotions, using a macro lens, and shooting closely. Try blurring the background of the photo to emphasize the subjects’ faces. Also, you can try to freeze a smile or other facial expressions by using your flash.

Another useful tip for creating an awesome family photo is trying different angles. You may find experimenting with angles surprisingly addicting. Taking a photo while lying on the ground with everybody else standing and looking at the camera from different angles may turn into a fantastic image. In this case, you would want to use the flash for the faces to create contrast against the bright daylight.

If you prefer a sincere family photo, you should choose surroundings in accordance with the activities your family enjoys doing the most. Kids playing with their favorite toys or eating cookies, or adults barbecuing on the grill can serve as a great base for the perfect photo. Remember that your photo can be perfect even when it contains some imperfections, such as grimaces, stiff poses, etc.


Collect all of your family photo shoot ideas into a photo album by taking multiple shots to ensure you get a great one for each idea. Some people tend to be stiff for the first few photos, and it takes time to be able to relax into a natural body posture. Avoid rigid poses by encouraging people to bend their arms or legs to help them relax.

Speaking of body postures during the photo shoot session, it is essential to pay attention to perceived imperfections in people’s bodies or faces. For example, if someone is worried about having a double chin, take the photo from a high angle and ask them to look up. If someone is worried about short legs you can use wide angle lenses and position yourself low down for the best effect.

Although you can take awesome photos on your camera phone, using the right lens makes a huge difference. Ideally, you can use wide angle lenses and a tripod, if necessary.

Use your creativity for a perfect family photo

An awesome family photo is not always about using professional photo shooting equipment – it is more about being creative. That means taking photos in a way most people would not normally think to. It is all about feeling free to experiment, using exceptional angles, and playing with the lights.

While turning your great family photo shoot ideas into small pieces of art, remember that being curious is worthwhile. So, grab your camera and start creating wonderful memories with your loved ones.

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