The 10 best apps for editing pictures

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Are you looking to find the best apps for editing pictures? Congratulations, you found the ultimate list of top image editing apps. We’re providing a breakdown of 11 best apps for editing pictures, so you can select your app based on individual preferences depending on which one works best for you personally.

Since we understand you don’t have all the time in the world to test each photo editing app that exists, we’re making things a little easier. Just choose from this list of great photo editing apps!

1. Photoshop Express (platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows)

There is no bigger name in the photo editing world than Adobe Photoshop. Everybody knows Photoshop and what it can do. However, how does its trimmed-down, mobile version compare to the full fledged one in terms of usability, cleanliness and quality?

It fares pretty well. However, you cannot expect this one to replace its desktop cousin. Photoshop Express enables you to “quick fix” your photos by cropping, straightening, rotating, flipping, color adjustment, removal of red eye, etc.

Additionally, you can post edited photos directly on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter, e-mail them and even send them via SMS. You can also use the app to capture pictures directly.

Photoshop Express supports an interesting feature that can increase the usability of the app. Users can install add-ons that provide you with various functions. For example, you can purchase an add-on for noise removal, fog removal, and one-touch filters.

When you get this app, you get up to 2GB of free space for uploading and sharing your photos.

Price: The basic version is free. Additional packs and more upload space is available for purchase.

2. Pixlr Express (platforms: iOS, Android)

Pixlr Express is a photo editing app from Autodesk. It has a well-designed interface and all the standard options for editing photos: color balance and correction, effects, filters, overlays, lighting effects, and much more. The notable thing is that all the effects and settings Pixlr Express has are of exceptional quality, and you won’t be getting the feeling that something is not quite right with your photo. Another wonderful thing is that there over 600 effects!

When you download the app, you get basic options with ‘advanced’ options available as add-ons. Have no worries, though, as the app can download and install everything automatically. You just have to wait a minute or two, which is a fair price to pay. Another great thing about Pixlr Express is that it is devoid of ads, which is a welcome addition.

You can also try the online image editor and use the same effects and options that are available on your mobile device, for free.

Price: Free (except for the desktop app)

3. Aviary (platforms: Android, iOS)

Aviary (now owned by Adobe) is incredibly easy to use. It doesn’t have the best looking filters and effects in the world (although the ones it has are more than good enough for the average user), but its simplicity and straightforwardness will definitely impress you.

It has all the standard photo editing features such as application of filters, frames, color and picture distortion effects, overlays, enhancement options (like auto color correction and red-eye reduction)… You can also attach stickers and the so-called ‘vignettes.’ Of course, you can crop, rotate, sharpen/blur, add artificial focus, and even draw simple things or add text to your photos.

Price: Free, but if you want to join Adobe Creative Cloud, you’ll have to pay at least $9.99 per month.

4. STEP (platforms: iOS)

STEP is all about simplicity. This is an app that shows how the user interface can be completely adjusted to your fingers. You choose the effects and finishing touches you want, and voila! Magic happens on the screen!

In order to get anything done, you have to purchase most of the effect packs and themes, making it a freemium app. However, they are not too taxing on your digital wallet and you get to have professional-looking photos with just a few touches. Of course, you can choose exactly what effects you want to buy.

Price: Free(mium)

5. Instagram (platforms: Android, iOS)

Instagram is a beloved image editing app around the world that was recently purchased by Facebook. Instagram is a good photo hosting and editing service with adjustable filters, a full-fledged photo sharing community, private sharing, and interesting effects. It even allows users to record and post short videos.

Compared to other photo editing apps, Instagram favors simplicity and usefulness over functionality, prioritizing its purpose as a sharing and social platform. This means that there is a some lack of advanced photo editing features.

Price: Free

6. Mextures (platforms: iOS)

A wonderful, high-quality photo editing app. An app designed by photographers, for photographers. High quality textures and lighting effects? Check! Vintage and gritty photo filters? Check! Film strip effects? You got that, too!

Mextures features non-linear editing. This means that you can add layers of effects in any order, and turn them off without affecting the photo at any time. You can also adjust their opacity, position and rotation.

Mextures includes color, contrast and tint adjustments, as well as fade, black & white, sharpness, saturation and other standard photo editing effects. It is a wonderful, minimalistic, yet advanced app and it pays to download and try it out.

Price: $1.99

7. Brushstroke (platforms: iOS)

A photo editing app very similar to STEP, Aviary and Pixlr Express; It has everything you need for quick and simple editing, alongside some advanced features like drawing. Of course, you can crop, adjust, color correct and do other things that are considered essential for photo editing apps.

Brushstroke lets you choose custom canvases, color palettes and painting styles. The developer has implemented a direct photo sharing ability and the ability to have your creation printed and delivered to you.

Price: $2.99

8. Filterstorm Neue (platform: iOS)

Filterstorm Neue is a great app that has received a total makeover recently. You can use the standard editing options, such as black & white, blur/sharpen, brightness/contrast, hue and saturation levels, etc. The app also adds some often neglected options such as histogram, RGB curves, channel mixer, shadows/highlights, tone map, exposure, and watermarking.

You can edit your canvas, apply various effects (posterize, vignette, sepia, etc) and masks (opacity, gradients, invert), and do other cool things with your photos. One welcome addition for photographers is the ability to work with RAW files.

Price: $3.99

9. Darkroom (platform: iOS)

The iOS platform is replete with high-quality photo editing apps, and Darkroom is no exception. A useful addition to the standard editing options is the curves method of editing. With it, you get a curve that passes through areas of different settings (i.e. blacks, highlights, shadows, midtones) and you adjust them by swiping up and down. However, this feature will cost you $2.99.

Darkroom has direct sharing capabilities, and you can even convert your pictures into a square – the app automatically adds whitespace around the picture to make it squarish. It also has the option to edit and save custom filters under your name of choice, so you can repeatedly use the same custom filter on any photo in the future.

All in all, a great photo editing app, even if a bit simplistic.

Price: Free(mium)

10. Repix (platforms: Android, iOS)

Repix – a wonderful, streamlined and ‘organic’ looking photo editing app that the creators call more than a photo editor. It offers a certain amount of free tools for editing, with more available for purchase. You can choose a brush and paint or draw something on the screen. You can apply filters and append frames to your pictures with ease.

Its fast and intuitive interface will probably impress you if you happen to like the organic design. It is a well-designed and capable app that delivers most of what it promises, and it is up to you to try it out.

Price: Free(mium)

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