5 Spring photography tips

Spring is coming! You can feel it in the air! Finally, we changed our clocks to enjoy one more hour of every day, so we will have more than enough time to take beautiful pictures of this wonderful season.

The beginning of spring is an important event for many cultures. For nations around the world spring symbolizes the beginning of the new cycle or new life, when trees get green, when flowers start to bloom and people start smiling to the sun without for no reason other than gratitude.

To share your warmth and feelings full of sunshine you can use Sherish iPhone App, but first, take a look at these 5 spring photography tips, before sherishing your pictures.

1. Flowers and Blossoms

Flowers are the best representation of spring; especially Tulips that are so gentle and have a great variety of colors. If you are lucky and have a chance to take a picture of tulip field then do so, because the final photo will look amazing. If you are not that lucky, buy tulips for your house, put them in nice transparent vase and take a picture of the vase standing in the middle of the table. You will have not only a beautiful picture, but also the spring atmosphere will be at your house.
NLCR01-River-Cruise-in-Holland-Belgium straight-in-vase

2. Happy People

Spring is a time for the outside activities. Instead of sitting at home and doing your regular old routine during the weekend, take your family and friends to the park for picnic. Besides the food don’t forget to take some games with you and just have fun. While everyone is finding what to do, start taking pictures of your family and friends having a lovely time in the park.

3. Sunrise and Sunset

Spring is beautiful not only during the day but also in the early morning and late at night. To witness and capture amazing variety of colors provided by sun in the beginning and end of the day, you need patience. Spring sunrise and sunset pictures are already amazing without using any filters. When you are ready to take an amazing shot, try to make as many as you can, because the sun is moving extremely fast. Then, you will have a chance to choose the perfect one among many and share it with your loved ones using the Sherish iPhone App.

4. Macro Photography

In any photography, details are important. When you are performing Macro photography, the details are everything! Those details are the true subject of the photo, what you are actually shooting. You can notice unnoticeable things like small water droplets on the leaf after the spring rain, or a small bee on the flower. Those pictures show the beauty of small things in the big world when spring is in the air.

5. Light and Filters

When you are taking photos of spring don’t forget about lighting. Some pictures can come out too white because of the bright sunshine, or too gray because the day was cloudy. The good news is that you always can polish your pictures. Use settings of your phone to add some brightness to your pictures and apply filters to add extra color to your photos.

Now that you know Spring Photography tips, take your camera and go outside to start taking amazing pictures so you can Sherish them with family and friends.

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