The importance of privacy in photography apps

The importance of privacy is obvious in our day-to-day lives. We don’t want telemarketers to know our phone numbers, we don’t want unwanted guests knowing our addresses, and we don’t want strangers in our bedrooms. Online privacy is just as important, especially if you’re posting photos of your kids or pictures with recognizable backgrounds like your home […]

5 Things you can do to protect your social media privacy

Being present on social media means exposing yourself to location tracking from Facebook’s facial recognition to police threat assessments based on your social profiles. The lack of social media privacy is becoming too large of an issue to just ignore, especially when it involves children. In fact, 17 percent of parents ignore social media privacy settings, […]

Private photo sharing for parents

A Digital Trends article titled Parents can privately share pictures of kids with new Sherish app goes over how Sherish technology provides private photo sharing for parents. The article states that sometimes, in an eagerness to capture and share once-in-a-lifetime moments with their children, parents may inadvertently share too much information in their photos. Sherish seeks to […]

Sherish on Inside INdiana for Targeting “Pervasive” Issue

Inside INdiana Business featured Sherish as a new app that addresses lack of security and photo privacy on popular social media networks. The article, App Targets ‘Pervasive’ Issue, says that Sherish is able to help safeguard users’ photos “by securely gathering, storing and organizing photos from multiple mobile devices onto a private cloud server.” “We’re just […]

Sherish is featured for helping parents safely share photos

Sharenting: The over-sharing on social media by parents of their children. Many of us are guilty of sharing too much on social media. In fact, 3/4 of parents know someone who “oversharents,” according to a report from the University of Michigan. A study by Nominet shows that the average parent uploads more than 200 photos of their children annually, […]