Social media alternatives that protect your family’s privacy

Social media has gotten a bad reputation for poorly handling sensitive information of their users online. A Harvard student was able to create an app that could pinpoint the exact locations of your Facebook friends, exploiting privacy flaws in Facebook. According to Search Engine Watch, social media privacy is “A Perfect Storm of Social Engineering […]

Facebook privacy: Others can see every single thing you’ve “liked” since 2009

According to this article from Business Insider, Facebook users can now see every single photo their friends have “liked” on Facebook from 2009, when the feature was introduced. The Facebook Graph Search works like this; Type in “photos liked by [person]” into the Facebook search bar A page will appear with photos that he or she […]

5 Things you can do to protect your social media privacy

Being present on social media means exposing yourself to location tracking from Facebook’s facial recognition to police threat assessments based on your social profiles. The lack of social media privacy is becoming too large of an issue to just ignore, especially when it involves children. In fact, 17 percent of parents ignore social media privacy settings, […]

Privacy on cell phones: Personal data you accidentally share that you shouldn’t


Today’s mobile phones amount to being nothing more than little “folders” holding a large amount of sensitive information about our lives. Although it sounds practical to be able to organize your life through your phone, it’s also very risky. You may think you have taken solid security precautions in place. But, privacy on cell phones is […]

Social media privacy issue: They know exactly where you are

According to Social media apps are tracking your location in shocking detail from Business Insider, Facebook tracks where you send your messages and Instagram tracks where your pictures are taken (even if you don’t geotag). This means that with tools such as the Marauder’s Map Google Chrome extension, virtual strangers (literally) can see a general path […]