Check Out these Online Photo Albums for Grandparents

photo albums for grandparents

When us moms and dads get busy, grandparents are always there to lend us a hand. They love us unconditionally and this is why they deserve to be part of our daily lives no matter the physical distance. Photo albums for grandparents are an excellent way to keep the family close and share precious moments with the ones we care about.

Best online photo albums for grandparents

There are applications for anything and everything these days, including some senior-friendly and convenient photo album apps grandparents will enjoy. These apps are a great way to strengthen family bonds and make grandma and grandpa feel happy and connected, regardless of the distance. Plus, every grandparent loves showing photos of family and grandchildren to their friends.

best photo albums for grandparents

Tidy-Photo Album (iOS, Android)

This convenient app helps you organize your photos with a single finger gesture. You can neatly arrange thousands of photo memories by simply swiping left or right. Tidy allows you to sort pics stored on your cellphone by time (hour, day, year), location and shape i.e. the type of photo (panorama, screenshot, square, portrait, landscape).

The app doesn’t sort photos automatically. Instead, it lets you choose the photos you want to separate into specific albums using search filters, for example the time the photo was taken or its location. Once the album is created, it’s easy to mark photos as favorites, add memos or share individual photos via email, SMS or social media. Photos can be moved between albums, copied or assigned to contacts.

If you want to get creative, you can edit your photos using the rotate, filter, crop and color correction features. All the photos in Tidy are saved in Android Gallery so your memories are always easy to find.

QuickPic Gallery (Android)

This app helps you view your photo gallery in a comfortable way. It’s simple, user friendly and easy on the eyes. QuickPic Gallery has a variety of features you can use to manage your photos. The app allows you to browse photos fast in a high quality slideshow. You can customize the photos (rotate, crop, widen) or set your favorite photo as a desktop background.

The app is optimized for large screens such as tablets and multiple finger movements. There are no visual effects or changing angles as the phone moves, which can be distracting for some people. The photo list is static and easy to look at.  

For visual convenience, a repeated double-tap gives two levels of zoom. The third double tap brings back the original size. You can easily sort, copy or move photos, select and share them, or create and rename folders. The app supports multiple album platforms such as Picasa, Google Drive and Dropbox, and various image formats. For better navigation, photos can be grouped by time and location.

online photo albums for grandparents

Photo-Sort (iOS) 

This is one of the simplest photo album apps for iPad and iPhone. It’s particularly convenient when you’re on a trip and away from the computer. If you’re traveling and taking a bunch of photos as you go, Photo-Sort can organize them for you so you don’t forget where or when they were taken or what they represent.

With Photo-Sort you can store, organize and name your photos and videos in a simple way, without complicated options and settings, while keeping the original image quality. The app allows you to create folders/sub-folders, and import photos and videos from the library of your device. For easier organization, imported content is automatically numbered with the current directory name.

You can rename folders, photos, and videos, and manage your content by using the cut, copy, paste and delete features. Folders and individual photos and videos can be easily exported to/imported from your computer. You can share your content via email or upload your photos and videos on Facebook.

Photo Album – Smart Organizer and Slideshows Maker (iOS)

Allows you to organize & edit photos and create slideshows using simple “drag and drop” finger gestures. You can also record & share slideshows and view photos with music in animated slideshows.

Once you organize your photos in your iPhone or iPad, you can keep them synchronized and backed up on your computer. For easier management, you can import your content into albums. You can add new albums, delete and sort them as you like. Tags are added to all photos imported to albums.

You can also add album descriptions, while the app will automatically add the creation date. Your photos will look even better as animated slideshows, with 12 transition styles to choose from.

The app allows you to search albums by title and photos by tags or description. You can edit the photos by choosing from a variety of frames and photo effects, adjust brightness, contrast and saturation. Other features include cropping, red eye correction, sharpness, orientation change, adding stickers to your photos, and more.

You can share your photos and videos on social networks (Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter) via MMS or email, with the option to save them back to camera roll.

best online photo albums for grandparents

Sherish (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux)

It goes without saying that online photo albums for grandparents have to be user friendly, as technology is sometimes difficult for them to grasp. Sherish is incredibly simple to use, but comes with heaps of functionality.

This awesome app helps you organize and share all your photos privately and securely, without the rest of the world watching.  Your photos are just that – your photos. You choose who gets to see them. There are no advertisements, no annoying user tracking and profiling.

With Sherish, all your photos are automatically organized and safely backed up, no matter where they are located (phone, camera or social media networks). It’s very easy to track a photo by date, place, person, etc. You can personalize the photos by recording and saving voice notes.

The app provides unlimited storage for an affordable monthly fee, so all your precious memories can be safely stored forever. Photos are stored in their original resolution and the image quality is completely preserved. This is important if you want to print your photos and transform them to gifts, greeting cards, photobooks or awesome wall art. This can be conveniently done at your local Walgreens.  

So if you’re looking for an online photo album grandma and grandpa will enjoy, look no further. Sherish offers everything you need – a place where they can store the photos they take and share them with others. Wherever your family is, you can all meet at Sherish, anytime!

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