Essential Tips for Taking Photos of Grandparents and Grandchildren

photos of grandparents and grandchildren

Photos of grandparents and grandchildren are probably the most cherished in a family album. They represent a special kind of bond and pure love that cannot be compared to anything else. I guess this is why we all get emotional looking at photos of children with their grandparents, even when we don’t know them personally. However, some of these photos sparkle with more warmth than others. Those are the photos which are taken with attention and dedication.

How to take awesome photos of grandparents and grandchildren

If you want to enrich your family album with photos of grandparents and grandchildren, follow these tips and grab your camera today! Your children will be forever thankful for the memories you’ll create for them.

Tip #1 – Don’t make them pose

In order to avoid taking photos of grandparents and grandchildren with frozen faces, you’ll have to let them be themselves. If you make a big deal of every photo that you take, you will kill the magic. Try to make yourself invisible and take as many candid shots as you can. Once you let the children relax and enjoy their play, you can start taking more close-up photos. Remember that photos of children have a special charm, but only when they are spontaneous.

If you want to take some posed photos, too, make sure you let the family members come together naturally. Arranging them in a way that seems best to you may ruin the feeling of closeness you are trying to capture. Moreover, you will risk ending up with photos of family members with awkward faces. And nobody wants to have such photos in their family album, right?

tips for taking photos of grandparents and grandchildren

Tip #2 – Create some meaningful memories

Don’t let your photo shoot be all about gathering together for the sake of making photos of grandparents and grandchildren. Create some meaningful memories, instead. Wait for a spontaneous moment when the family is doing an activity that everyone enjoys. Regardless if it’s a picnic, a barbecue party in the backyard or a simple family dinner, capture moments that represent genuine familiar joy.

Just be careful not to ruin the good family time by trying to take too many photos. Don’t let others get tired of the shutter sound. Take photos of kids sharing an actual experience with their grandparents. Make sure that everyone is comfortable with the camera being there.

Tip #3 – Capture the details

The greatest emotions can be seen in the smallest details – a look, smile, touch of hands. Grasp every opportunity to capture these small things that show the strength of the bond between grandparents and grandchildren.

Since you’re looking for moments that happen spontaneously, you can’t really take close-up photos, unless your subjects are still (such as when they are napping together). Otherwise, you will have to zoom and crop photos to emphasize the meaningful details.

To be able to do this, you will have to keep an eye on the aperture. To keep your photos sharp and ready for cropping and zooming, you’ll need to set your camera to a lower aperture. This way, you will lengthen the depth of the focus and avoid blurry subjects in the foreground or the background.

photos of grandparents and grandchildren essential tips

Tip #4 – Take photos of each grandchild with each grandparent separately

While group photos of grandparents and grandchildren are nice and warm, it’s good to take individual shots, too. This way, each photo will show the special bond between the grandchild and its grandparent.

As much as we hate to admit it, every grandchild has a different relationship with each grandparent and vice versa. There are always some special games and rituals that can only be shared between two people.

Tip #5 – Forget about the flash

Avoid using the camera flash. Otherwise you will end up with photos that appear washed-out, where subjects have red eyes. These photos are hard to improve later, regardless of your photo editing skills.

Instead of using the flash, look for opportunities to shoot in natural daylight. Moreover, try to take photos shortly before sunset. It will give a natural glow to your subjects and add a dramatic moment to your emotional photos of grandparents and grandchildren.

If you have to take your photos indoors, pull back the curtains and turn on the lights. In case you can’t or don’t want to turn on the lights, ensure you get light from another source. This will help you in taking light photos without the wash-out effect.   

learn how to take photos of grandparents and grandchildren

Tip #6 – Photograph often

Children change really fast. Their physical appearance changes, as well as the interests and the games they want to play. The photos you took a month ago will probably be totally different than the ones you take today. Embrace the changes and use them to create a photo story of children growing up with their grandparents.    

Tip #7 – Be ready for a dynamic experience

Regardless of the physical shape you’re in, children will always have some more energy left after you start feeling exhausted. Consider using toys to keep the children entertained while you take your photos.

You can also use a tripod and set your camera to take automatic shots at a given time interval. This way, you will get some unique action photos of grandparents and grandchildren that will enrich your family album.

how to take photos of grandparents and grandchildren

Tip #8 – Make sure to save your photo memories

Precious photos like the ones of kids with their grandparents need to be properly stored and cherished. Regardless if you take your photos with a camera or a phone, you can store them in one secure place. Thanks to its unlimited storage space, Sherish allows you to save your precious memories in their original size and quality. This gives you the opportunity to print your photos and make photo gifts for your family.

One of the best things about Sherish is its privacy feature. You can share your photos with your family and friends without the rest of the world watching. This app lets you choose the audience for every photo that you want to share. Another great thing about Sherish is that it makes it easy to organize all your photos as you like, hence you can find your favorite photos easily and admire them at any time.

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