Easy tips for taking pictures of pets

how to take pictures of pets

If your pets are small and adorable like mine, you probably find yourself taking endless photos. However, this doesn’t mean only “small & cute pets” make for good photos. You can take great photos with big pets, too. You can even take cool photos if you have exotic pets like a snake or a lizard. It all depends on your creativity and ideas. What follows are 10 of my favorite easy tips for taking pictures of pets.

How to take awesome pictures of pets

We all like taking pictures of pets, whether they are our own or not. Animals can be great photo models, only if you have the will to put a little effort into being a “pet photographer”. Here are some essential tips to enrich your family album with great pet photo memories.

1. Keep it cool

You can easily take some cool photos of your pet. Just wait until it’s relaxed and capture the moment. Make sure the light is fine and don’t jeopardize your pet’s calmness. When animals are stressed, you can’t expect to get a good photo. Fix the surroundings to fit your idea. Take a photo of your dog while it’s lying on the porch in the sunset. Take a photo of your rabbit while it’s sleeping.

how to take pictures of pets at home

2. Shoot from the position of your pet

This is an easy tip for taking pictures of pets. You just have to lower your camera and align it with the height of your pet. This way, you’ll be able to see the world from its eyes. The height may vary. If you have a Chihuahua, you will put your camera all the way down. However, for a German shepherd, you can just kneel a little bit. Play with this idea and you will create some very interesting pictures.

3. Masks and costumes

It can be hard to get your pet to wear a costume – trust me, I’ve tried. But this idea can work pretty well for some animals. You can even make a costume or a mask on your own. Even the simplest costume or mask idea can produce hilarious photos. Put some glasses on your dog’s face, and take a picture of it while its tongue is out of its mouth. This will create a great effect and you’ll end up laughing for days.

how to take pictures of pets funny

4. Zoom in

Animal close-ups can be really great. If you have a nice camera that can catch fine detail, wait for an opportunity to take a large photo of your pet. You can take a photo of your cat while it’s staring at the window. Concentrate on capturing all those fine details on the cat’s face. If you have a smaller pet, the result will be even more interesting. With these pictures, you can present your pet to the world. You can capture the details that most people miss.

5. Play with movement

Out of all these tips, this one is my favorite. I just like the way animals move. Each step is unique and there are so many opportunities for a great photo. You can capture your dog in the middle of a run, or your cat while it’s jumping off a table. These photos might be a bit hard to take, but you will surely be proud of them. The dynamics of the movement will make the photos incredible. They can easily be the finest photos in your collection of pet photos. You just have to capture the right moment.

how to take pictures of pets moving

6. It’s not all about the face!

Who says that you have to capture your pet’s face in the photo? It is usually how things are done, but you can change the approach. Some other parts of your pet’s body can be interesting for photo shooting, too. For example, you can take some macro photos of your dog’s paws or make a detailed photo of your cat’s eyes. Even a tail can be symbolical and pretty if the photo is taken in the right way.

7. Children and pets – cuteness overload

This is always a good idea. Pets and children are a great combination. They mesh like pancakes and maple syrup. Take a few regular photos of them doing some daily stuff. Take a walk and shoot a couple of photos in the park. Let them play. Let them run. You will see that almost every photo you take is perfect. Give your pet its favorite toy or put your baby on the pet (if you have a large pet), and start taking photos. The possibilities are endless, and with this idea, there is no way you can make a mistake.

how to take pictures of pets and children

8. Use your surroundings

The surroundings can make any photo more interesting. You can shoot photos of your pet in its natural surroundings. You can shoot them in your yard or the park. These photos can be great, there’s no question about it. However, I would like you to go further and play with the idea a bit. Place your dog in some strange surroundings. This way, you’ll get an interesting effect and a greater chance to create a unique photo. The easiest thing you can do is place your small pet on the shelf and take a photo while it’s confused by the situation. This will make for a hilarious effect.

9. Family photos

These photos are so simple and yet so full of emotion. You’ll most likely be carrying these photos in your wallet. Make a fine composition with all your family members, pets included. Sit around the table or place yourself in some natural surroundings. Again, you can play with the idea, but keep in mind that these photos are something you will remember for the rest of your life.

how to take pictures of pets and family

10. Going digital

Yes, we all live in a digital era. Computers make anything possible, so why shouldn’t you try to create some incredible pet photos using Photoshop or other photo-editing software? You can make hilarious and incredible photos. Just use a regular photo of your pet, and experiment with it. Add new surroundings and additional details, and “put” your pet into a crazy situation – again, the possibilities are endless.

Whichever tips you try, don’t forget to share your photos with friends and family – I bet they will be delighted to browse your new Sherish album. You know what they say – shared joy is double joy!

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