How to download pictures from Snapfish and migrate to Sherish

As a fan of Snapfish classic, you already know that the Snapfish Classic website is gone. As of February 2, 2016, there is now a new Snapfish site. However, some of the basic photo and album data is still missing and there’s no guarantee when it will all become available.

Photo editing is another feature that’s yet to be enabled on the new site. Fortunately, there’s no need to get frustrated by the lack of features on the new Snapfish site. There is now a much better and more complete photo service that many Snapfish classic fans are moving to – Sherish

Use the following guide to easily download all of your pictures from Snapfish and migrate to Sherish.

Download pictures from Snapfish and migrate to Sherish

Snapfish offers a convenient way of saving all photos from your account directly to your computer.

  • First, you to choose what to download. You can pick and download individual photos by selecting them and clicking Choose These Photos. Or, you can select an album that you want to save to your hard drive, choose Edit Options and select the Download feature.
  • Snapfish will create a downloadable .zip file with the original resolution of your selected photos or album.
  • Save the downloaded .zip file in a desktop folder to simplify the process of uploading the photos to Sherish.
  • Next, log in the Sherish Desktop Uploader that you should already have on your computer, and click Add to locate the desktop folder with the photos from the .zip file. After that, click Next to start the uploading process, and you’re done!

2016 Update: Unfortunately, this method no longer works. Snapfish has changed their service and now, downloading batches of photos is not an option. You may only export one photo at a time. You do this by clicking the photo and finding the download icon on the top right.

There is no way to export multiple photos at the same time. At the moment of writing this update, there are also no 3rd Party batch-downloading solutions that support the latest Snapfish.

To upload your photos to Sherish, you must download each photo manually to a specific folder on your hard drive, and then upload that folder using the Sherish Desktop Uploader app.

If you download pictures from Snapfish and upload them to Sherish, you will keep their quality intact

Why migrate to Sherish

With Sherish you can save (and share) your precious photo memories. You can also use your creativity and add a special touch to each photo using the various editing options that come with the Sherish app. I would now go into details and explain why the decision to migrate to Sherish should be a no-brainer.

Unlimited cloud storage

Sherish doesn’t limit the photo storage space, so you can transfer all your Snapfish photos and add countless new ones in the future. The Sherish app is part of only a few services which offer unlimited storage and a simple sharing feature to send photos to your friends and family. Every photo you upload is stored in its original quality, no compression applied whatsoever. 

Since Sherish takes advantage of cloud storage, you can get access to your account 24/7, provided you are connected to the Internet. Feel free to upload photos anytime, anywhere, without worrying about attracting the attention of people you don’t know. We’ve implemented high-level safety and privacy measures to protect your photos from anyone unfamiliar to you.

Complete safety and privacy

Avoid unreliable photo apps and upload all your photos in the cloud. Sherish takes full advantage of password-protected photo sharing. Meanwhile, we respect your privacy so don’t worry about receiving spam or ads via email. You also gain full control over the privacy settings on your account. You can choose the people who can see your photos, as well as share pictures with those who don’t have a Sherish account.

We will never share your private photos with people you don’t know or use them for advertising purposes. Only you personally can change the privacy settings of your account, i.e. choose if your friends can see the exact location and tags of your photos, or find the people who are in them. Ultimately, having complete privacy protects your family by not letting a total stranger analyze photos of your children to figure out where they go to school or where they play with their friends.

Easy photo backup

Storing photos in you internal phone memory will sooner or later lead to decreased phone performance and cause you all sorts of frustration. Using the Sherish app as a backup app, you can save your photos in the cloud and access them whenever you want. It’s advisable that you set the app to back up pictures automatically, so you don’t have to store them one by one.

Creating photo backups with Sherish is beneficial for two reasons. First, you get unlimited storage space. You can upload photos as much as you want without worrying there might not be any space left. Second, you can download and browse through both old and new photos anytime.

Happy couple watching photos in a smartphone

Sherish substitutes USBs and external hard drives with its simple and effective way of saving photos in the cloud. Unlike Sherish, said devices are unreliable and expensive, while their functionality is limited – before you know it, they might stop working and you won’t be able to access your precious photos. You may end up spending a fortune on the latest USBs and external drives, while using Sherish will cost you nowhere near that price.

Once you create your Sherish account, you can instantly access your backed up data from your phone, tablet or PC. In fact, our purpose is to provide a backup storage feature so that our users can upload and download photos whenever they like, as quickly as possible.

Essential photo editing tools

Other than using Sherish to upload, organize and share photos, you can also take advantage of its photo editing tools. Our app comes with a nice set of tools for basic photo editing, as well as the ability to add audio notes and create a unique experience for your audience.

The simple and user-friendly interface will help you learn how to edit and enhance pictures in no time. You can use the tools for initial photo touch-ups, creating unique greeting cards and family albums, and much more. You can even send the edited images to the people you love as a fun photo collage gift.

As soon as you are done editing photos and adding audio notes, you can share them with your friends and family, and showcase your photo editing skills. Make sure you explore all the editing features of the Sherish app by using them on each and every one of your pictures.

Advanced photo organization

Organizing photos with Sherish shouldn’t take a lot of your time. Sherish automatically organizes the pictures you upload. Our concern is to make sure you can focus on your main goal – taking fantastic photos of the places you love and the people who play a major role in your life.

All of your pictures can be organized by the exact date when they were taken. Therefore, you can browse through photos of an event that took place at a certain point in the past and find moments you want to relive (or share) again. You can also search photos using tags or location. Whichever method you like, rest assured you’ll find the photos of your interest within seconds.

Lastly, our app offers a photo timeline feature which displays all photos in a chronological order. You can create a photo history timeline which is based on any timescale you prefer. This way, you will have a complete overview of the photo albums you’ve created with the Sherish app.

Happy Couple Driving on Country Road into the Sunset

If you’re already making plans to download pictures from Snapfish and migrate to Sherish, you’re doing yourself a great favor. Our all-in-one photo service is featured with options that make uploading, editing and sharing photos a breeze. Start uploading your photos to Sherish today and keep your special memories safe and organized at all times!

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