Organizing digital photos is actually simple

organizing digital photos

If you enjoy taking photos, chances are you already have a huge collection of fabulous, outstanding photos that need to be properly organized. Organizing digital photos is essential for every photographer and should be practiced at least two or three times a year. An effective organizational system helps you both manage and present your work in the most effective way. This is true whether you’re an aspiring professional or just taking family photos.

Organizing digital photos provides a clear overview of your progress over the years

One of the major reasons to organize your digital photos is the opportunity to quickly find the photos you are looking for. If you don’t have an effective organizational system such as reliable photo organization software, finding a particular image can be a nightmare. The search for that one particular photo from two years ago can take you hours or even days.

Keeping your digital photos organized is not useful just for when you’re searching for a specific photo or a set of photos. It can also help you observe how far you’ve come over the years. Once you determine the exact period when certain photos were taken, you can compare them with some of your most recent work. This  is how you can easily keep track of your progress as a photographer, noticing any changes in quality and the difference in the content of your photos.

organizing digital photos, progress overview

Organizing digital photos gives you directions toward improvement

If you are striving to improve your photo taking skills, organizing digital photos is a great place to start. In order to organize your photos and manage your work more easily, it is always good to consider using software like Sherish. With good software, you can easily revisit and improve upon old projects. You can find the last photos where you experimented with a certain theme or concept, and then improve upon it by spotting the features you wish to improve.

Having your digital photos organized can also help you avoid some of the recurring mistakes you may not be aware you are making. All it takes is a good review of your previous work and you’ll notice any mistake or oversight that you’ve been making repetitively. This will give you a good direction and clarify all the areas you may want to improve upon.

Sherish makes organizing your digital photos simple and easy

Whether you’re a passionate photographer, professional or amateur, you probably have more than enough reasons to start using Sherish – it makes organizing digital photos simple, easy and fun.

The Sherish app is useful for various reasons. It allows users to easily find their photos by location, date, or person. Moreover, it provides unlimited storage, which lets users save as many photos as they like. They no longer have to even consider deleting photos due to limited storage.

With Sherish, your photos are always stored in their original resolution. This can be a crucial point if later on you need high resolution source images for business purposes or some important photo exhibition. Most other solutions will compress your images, permanently deleting the originals.

Another great thing about Sherish is that it can automatically organize your most valuable photos according to your preferences. Regardless of the platform or device you’re using, our app allows you to view your favorite photos instantly. It lets you keep all your masterpieces in just one safe place, automatically fetching them from the social platforms you use, your expensive DSLR camera, or your new smartphone.

organizing digital photos with Sherish

More reasons to organize your digital photos with Sherish

Still not sure if you should use our photo organizing app? Here are a couple more reasons to start exploring the benefits of Sherish today.

1. Trying to go pro

If you enjoy photography and have decided to take the entire photography experience to a higher level, you’ll find the Sherish app highly useful. Before you turn your hobby into a paying profession, it is crucial to get organized as soon as possible. Without properly organized photos you might not be able to meet your potential client’s needs, as viewing hundreds of photos can be truly time consuming.

Instead of wasting a lot of time searching for a specific photo you have taken some time ago, start organizing now. Our software will help you get your digital photos well organized, so that your potential clients can easily recognize your talent. Once they do, you are only a step away from getting hired.

2. Discover your unique perspective

Another reason to organize your digital photos using Sherish is to find out your true passion, preferences and values in terms of photography. While some photographers enjoy taking photos of landscapes and nature, others find joy in taking photos of weddings, babies, and pets. If you aren’t certain what your favorite theme is or where you can perform best, this awesome app will help you get the answers.

If you are one of the numerous Sherish users, you already know that it only takes seconds to look for themes across your photos. Then, it is easy to discover your specific style, which may be what a lot of clients find attractive. Organizing digital photos can help you discover what kind of photographer you are (or strive to become).

organizing digital photos - discover your perspective

3. Share your photos easily without compromising your privacy

One of the most important benefits of Sherish is the protection of your privacy. We created Sherish with a primary focus on achieving complete privacy. This is why Sherish gives users complete control when sharing their photos. This means that your photos can only be seen  by the people you give explicit permission to. We make sure that your precious photos never get shared publicly or against your intention.

Unlike many popular social platforms, our app doesn’t confuse users with overly complex and challenging to understand privacy settings. The only setting for Sherish is a guarantee of user privacy. Most photography apps make it too easy for anyone (including total strangers) to peek into your attractive ongoing photography project. With Sherish, your photos will stay exclusive and fully protected unless you specifically decide otherwise, on a case by case basis.

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