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what are the best polaroid apps

Are you a fan of vintage photos? Do you miss the good old Polaroids that give a special touch to your photo memories? If yes, I’m happy to say I have great news for you! Thanks to Polaroid apps, your smartphone can now replace some of the well-liked Polaroid cameras.

As current-generation smartphones are becoming more sophisticated, they get equipped with powerful and high-quality cameras. Therefore, our phones have become the default choice when we want to capture a moment to remember. But, regardless of the photo quality we can achieve with our phones, more and more people grow nostalgic when thinking about the Polaroids. Being one of these people, I’ve made a list of the best Polaroid apps which are currently available.  

Polaroid apps that will help you create awesome photos

Here are some apps I find fun and useful when it comes to creating Polaroid photos. From what I’ve seen, they can push one’s photo-taking experience to a higher level.

the best polaroid apps


If you are nostalgic about Polaroid photos, you will certainly enjoy the Polamatic app. It is the official app of Polaroid and it can bring a Polaroid splash to all your favorite photos. The only thing you have to do is capture or import any photo and enjoy watching it develop into a Polaroid-like image.

If you are wondering what makes Polamatic so unique, the answer lies in the advanced photo editing features, film types, borders, filters, text options and much more. Advanced photo editing refers to getting additional control over your Polaroid photos using various adjustments. This includes adjustment options for contrast, exposure, saturation, brightness, gamma, temperature, hue, tint, highlights, sharpness and shadows.

This app is among the best Polaroid apps for a number of reasons. It offers ten authentic Polaroid film types that include Type 80, Type 100, Type 600, Image Spectra, SX-70, 4×5 Film, 8×10 Film, 300 Film, 500 Film and Roll Film. Each of these film types includes a specific set of borders and filters. Also, the app offers more than a hundred authentic, high-quality Polaroid classic borders. They can appear like new, used, or vintage Polaroid borders.

Polamatic enables users to choose from more than 120 filters, providing live preview options. With such a variety of filters, users will certainly find the one they enjoy the most, and add an authentic Polaroid touch to their images. This awesome app also provides the option for its users to add text to their Polaroid photos. The text feature includes more than 50 handwritten fonts to choose from, as well as other numerous customization settings.


If you are an iPhone user, ShakeItPhoto is certainly an app you will find amusing. It not only helps you make awesome retro photos, but it brings back the entire experience of taking Polaroid photos, too. The app plays an authentic retro shutter sound when you take photos. And if you shake your phone, you can watch the image develop just like a real Polaroid.

Another thing that makes this app one of the favorites among iPhone users is the simplified process of sharing photos. Thanks to MakeSquare™, there’s no need to additionally crop or edit your Polaroid images – you can post them directly to Instagram or another image sharing platform.

polaroid apps for smartphones


With more than 200 million installs, PicsArt is certainly one of the most amazing apps that deserve your attention. This app is often referred to as an image editing and sharing platform, featuring a great combination of photo editing tools and gallery. PicsArt is an inspiring app that encourages everyone to create wonderful photo images anytime, anywhere.

PicsArt includes a wide array of image manipulation tools. Some of the most popular tools are the crop tool, clone and enhancement tool, photo blending, customizable brush filters, text tools, shape masks and more. What is more important, the app gives you the opportunity to add a Polaroid frame to any of your photos. You can then share these photos on the PicsArt platform, Twitter, Dropbox, Facebook, and Instagram.

Furthermore, PicsArt helps users create one-of-a-kind collages, encouraging collaboration through co-editing. As co-editing has become so popular and widespread, it has inspired a #freetoedit category. PicsArt’s collage maker lets users create photo collages in collage frames, grids, free-form, and much more. This awesome app offers over 2000 free thematic clipart images, filters and frames, to enhance the user experience.

the best polaroid apps for android


Snapture is another app that is highly favorable among iPhone users. The best thing about this Polaroid app is that it enables users to take photos easier and faster than ever before. The only thing it takes is one light touch, anywhere on the iPhone screen, and your perfect photo shot will be created.

Even though it may not sound impressive at first, Snapture is not only a practical app; it adds value to your entire self-portrait-taking experience, too. This app is especially useful if you use your iPhone to take photos at places where the lighting is not always good. This includes taking photos at concerts, in night clubs, etc.

Another great thing about Snapture is that users can first place a finger anywhere on the screen, and then target the object of their interest. Once the chosen object is targeted, they can remove the finger and trigger the photo shot. This makes taking photos simple, easy and fun.

best polaroid apps for iphone

The best way to share your awesome Polaroid photos

After you take your awesome photos using one of the Polaroid apps, you’ll most probably want to share them with your friends and family. Sherish is the best way to collect and organize all your photos from social networks, emails, hard disks or phones in one place. It gives you unlimited storage, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of memory for your favorite photos.

One of the best things about this app is that it stores your photos in their original size and quality. This makes it easy to turn your Polaroid photos into gifts, greeting cards or photo books. Additionally, with Sherish you can bring your photos to life by recording personalized audio messages that will play when someone opens the photo.

Sherish is especially focused on security and privacy. Therefore, it lets you create your own, private, virtual photo album and carefully choose the people that will have access to it. The audience you choose will get notifications every time you update your album, even if they don’t have a Sherish account. This way, you’ll be able to share the Polaroid photos without compromising your privacy.      

You take great photos. Give them a great home. Try Sherish FREE for 6 Months

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