Why You Need to Use a Photo Backup App

Sherish is a photo backup app that makes photo managing much easier.

Thanks to modern technology, taking photos has become a routine part of our everyday lives. Our phones are now equipped with cameras that enable us to take high-quality photos wherever we go. However, we also need a way to keep all the photos we’ve taken over the years. Did you know that you can use a good photo backup app to store every photo and share it with those that mean the world to you?

Managing your photos shouldn’t be difficult or confusing

Nowadays, the security of your photos is a necessity, not a commodity. We’ve easily replaced film cameras with digital ones. But, the question remains: is there a safe place for your photos, one that could replace the security of physical photo albums?

With Sherish, you and your loved ones can share high quality photos with no setbacks.

During the past few years, there have been several popular ways to backup photos. While some of these backup options are still being used, others are not that popular any longer. Photos have always been our primary way of recalling and cherishing precious memories. That’s why it’s important to make a good choice regarding how to keep the photos safe in the long run.

External hard drives

External hard drives were used as one of the primary backup options for many, many years. However, they are definitely not the best backup option as they can be expensive, complicated to manage and unreliable. With external hard drives, you can easily encounter system incompatibilities and even experience permanent damage and data loss as a result of bad sectors. Drop your drive or short-circuit it, and lose thousands of photos in a second? No thanks.

USB flash drives

USB flash drives used to be even more popular, although they are very similar to hard drives. Unlike hard drives, however, USB flash drives are easier to use, but with decreased long-term functionality. Due to their limited storage capacity, USB drives are not a good option for storing a large amount of photos in the long run.

With Sherish, you can store and share your photos just as soon as you take them!

Optical media

Optical media includes CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Optical media is among the cheapest backup options, but also the least reliable one. Susceptible to scratches, fingerprints and environmental problems, optical discs can get damaged very easily. The latest computers and laptops don’t even include an optical disc drive, which just goes to show that optical media is slowly dying.

Cloud storage and file servers

Creating a backup using cloud storage and file servers simply means that your files will be stored on somebody else’s drive. Unlike optical media, USB or external hard drives, this option is a paid service. If you pick your service provider carefully, you will get a reasonable storage capacity and file security. Advanced computer users mostly rely on these servers.

Photo backup apps

Photo backup apps are currently the most advanced photo backup option. Photo backup apps provide the same security level as cloud storage and file servers. However, these apps are way more convenient and easier to use than cloud storage or file servers. Using the right photo backup app, your photos will be secure and easily accessible at all times.

The perfect photo backup app

Considering the emotional value attached to our photos and memories, a great photo backup app should be well suited for everyone. The perfect app for backing up photos should be easy to use for people of all ages and people with varying degrees of tech expertise.

Sherish has a simple interface and can easily be used by anyone.

Why Sherish is the perfect photo backup app for you

Sherish is an application whose name is a portmanteau of the words share and cherish. Sherish has been designed and developed to provide secure storage for your photos. Sherish also enables private photo sharing between family and friends specifically chosen by the user. With Sherish, you can not only back up your photos safely, but also edit and share them with whoever you choose.

Sherish is compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 7.0 or later, whether it’s an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Android users will be able to download Sherish soon. People who are subscribed to Sherish also get access to the Sherish web app, as well as the Sherish desktop uploader.

What sets Sherish apart from other photo backup apps?

Unlike many other photo backup apps, Sherish allows its users to upload photos in their original quality and resolution. Sherish does not compress your photos or compromise their quality in any way. With Sherish, the quality of your photos will be completely preserved.

The design of the Sherish app for iOS, desktop and web is intuitive and makes the app easy to use. Users can upload, view, edit and share their photos from their phones, tablets or personal computers. The photos uploaded to Sherish can be accessed anytime, anywhere and from just about any device.

With Sherish, it's easy to transfer your photos from other services.

Sherish allows its users to import the photos they have shared on social media platforms such as Facebook. You can also synchronize your Sherish photos with those you’ve shared on Dropbox, Picasa, Flickr, iPhoto, iCloud and Evernote.

Most photo backup apps and services make their users choose between a lower image quality and limited storage capacity. Sherish doesn’t force you to make any sacrifices – along with preserving the original quality of your photos, the app provides unlimited storage space for as long as you are using it. There are many reasons why people around the world rely on Sherish as their primary photo backup app, some of the reasons being:

  • Full photo quality
  • Private photo sharing
  • Unlimited storage
  • Photo editing
  • Photo security
  • Synchronization with other storage platforms

Share and cherish your memories with the Sherish photo backup app

Sherish is more than an app. Sherish is a tool that helps you organize and share your photos and memories with the people you love. Sherish is both a smart investment and a guarantee that your photos will remain intact for many years. You can organize photos in albums and share them with others, no matter if they have a Sherish account or not.

With Sherish, your photos will remain safe from any corruption or misuse. Sherish is equipped with everything you need to preserve, protect and share your precious moments.

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