Christmas Photography Tutorials to Help You Make Amazing Memories this Year


Christmas is the most energetic, eventful, and exciting time of the year. Family gatherings, parties, lots of delicious food, snow, Christmas trees, and presents – basically a whole week of fun and joy with your loved ones. And that’s exactly what makes Christmas photography so thrilling. At this time of the year, nature can be breathtaking, too. If you combine it creatively with some decorations, you can capture countless idyllic winter landscapes.

If you’re new to photography, it would be good to be well prepared for the holidays and not miss the opportunity to create amazing photo memories. In order to help you in this endeavor, we are going to take a look at some Christmas photography tutorials, so you can capture the season in the best possible way.

10 useful Christmas photography tutorials

Christmas brings limitless opportunities to take fantastic pictures. With a few guiding steps and some practical and innovative tips, you can create memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. There are lots of tips and tricks online that can help you learn how to make amazing Christmas photos. We have selected 10 tutorials that we find very useful.


16 Christmas photography tips

A great intro for Christmas photography, which gives you basic guidelines and some interesting ideas to try out for this year’s photo shooting. The tutorial is short and clear, with concise and useful tips. There are some classic tips like making a DIY “photo booth”, capturing the preparation stages, and taking before and after shots.

My favorite was the “time-lapse Christmas series” tip. It’s when you set the camera in the corner of the room and it takes a shot every 5 minutes over the day. At the end of the day, you will end up with a beautiful series of photos from the entire evening.

How to photograph Christmas lights

An interesting tutorial for photographing Christmas lighting. David Hobby gives some practical tips related to timing and balance, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to take the best picture possible. What makes it even more amazing is that you don’t even need a professional camera to take a great photo. Overall, this tutorial is short, simple and very easy to understand.

How to take beautiful bokeh Christmas images

An excellent tutorial by Darren Rowse on how to take beautiful bokeh Christmas images. The bokeh technique is extremely popular in Christmas photography. It consists of photo shooting a particular object in focus, which can be a person, a pet, a Christmas decoration, or something else. There are Christmas lights in the foreground or background, which are thrown out of the focus and become like little balls of light.

This tutorial will give you guidance on how to take this kind of photos and enrich your Christmas album. It also gives you numerous ideas and examples of images to get your creativity going for creating beautiful Christmas photos.


Christmas photography tips

Another great tutorial on how to take better pictures with your camera. It has more general information and interesting photo examples. It also reveals types of images that can be more memorable for your family. I find the picture under expressing relationships very sweet and adorable.

How to take a picture of your kids in front of a lit Christmas tree

Every parent wants to take the best possible pictures of their kids in front of the Christmas tree. It’s hard to think of any moment that’s sweeter than that. The blog has all the information that you need to take the best pictures of your children. It’s a bit longer and more detailed than other tutorials, but if you are really interested, you will have a good time reading and practicing these tips.

How to photograph and create the perfect Christmas card photo

This is a very useful, step-by-step tutorial. Not only does it show you how to create a perfect Christmas card for yourself and your family, but you can also use the instructions for a part-time job during the holidays. After all, earning a few bucks for Christmas is not that bad, right? This tutorial reveals each step, from planning and composing the shot, to post-processing. If you like using Photoshop, you will find these tips quite useful.

Food photography – an introduction

The dinner table is always rich for Christmas. It is filled with numerous decorative dishes that will increase your appetite right away and make your mouth water. We all take photos of food dishes and share them on Instagram or send them to our friends. After all, food photography is quite trendy these days.

This article gives you some good introductory tips on food photography. It is very simple, direct, and easy to understand. You will also find related links to more tutorials from Digital Photography School. 


10 Photography Tips for Better Party Photos

If you want to know more about party photos, the photographer Isaac Gube is the man for you. In this extensive tutorial by Design Instruct, you can get a lot of insight into the upcoming Christmas party. As the author of this tutorial says: people come and go at parties, the music fades, lights dim, but at the end of the night, one thing always remains – our memories. Make them count. With the numerous examples you can find in this tutorial, you definitely won’t be that one person who’s feeling bored at the party.

15 beginner tips for winter and snow photography

You can take the most beautiful photographs of natural idyllic landscape in winter. However, although the pure white snow adds up to the magic of your images, it can be quite challenging to operate your camera. This tutorial reveals some great techniques and tips on how to prepare yourself for photographing in the snow. 

The author gives additional tips on how to take care and use a camera in winter conditions. Explaining several problems and unpleasant situations that can arise, these tips can help you effectively solve any issue and create beautiful winter snow portraits.

A Quick Guide to Understanding Your DSLR Camera

Most of the people that buy a camera, learn how to take a photo in auto-mode and ignore all the other settings. This tutorial by Kevin and Amanda will help you understand your digital SLR (single-lens reflex) camera. You will find some complicated settings explained in a simple manner, so it will be easier for you to take the wonderful photos you’ve always wanted. 

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