Why You Need to Tag Photos on Your Phone

Thanks to modern technology and social media, taking photos with a digital camera or a smartphone has become more fun than ever! Anyone can take a photo, upload it on Facebook or Instagram and share it with the world. And social media is where most people tag photos. But did you know that tagging photos has a lot of value outside social media?

Sure, tagging friends in pictures is one of the most popular features on Facebook. This way, you let your friends know that you have shared a piece of memory with them. But, since some of you might still avoid tagging photos, I would like to tell you why you should consider doing it more (and especially outside of social media).

Simple identification on social media

One of the main reasons that social network users tag photos is to identify all the people in a photo. When posting a photo, Facebook automatically suggests that you tag your friends and acquaintances.

Small businesses can use social media tags to introduce employees to their social media friends and followers. Customers are always interested in seeing that a company (or a business) is cultivating a client-friendly atmosphere that can be productive for both sides.

I should also mention that social media tagging is great for showcasing the variety of famous people who visit your facilities. Coffee shops and restaurants are only some of the places where celebrities can be stopped for a quick photo that will be posted on Facebook later on.

Identification outside of social media

Social media is not the only way of tagging photos. In fact, every major photography organization software for the past decade has offered tagging as well, even if those photos never end up online. So why tag people if they’re not going to get a notification on Facebook you might ask?

Glad you ask that question, as it brings us to the other major reason to tag photos – for organizational purposes. Suppose you’re an event photographer in chess competitions and you take thousands of photos every month. You’d want to be able to tag as many of the chess competitors as you can, so that when one asks to buy photos at some time in the future, you can find their photos more easily. Manually browsing through thousands of photos is just not very productive.

Perhaps you’re a family person and take thousands of photos in situations involving your extended family. You don’t want to upload all of those photos on Facebook, just so you can track who’s in what photo. But you do want to be able to search your family photo archives by person. This is where “non-social” tagging comes in useful as well.

Linking social profiles through photos

Basically, tagging a photo means creating a simplified link between two profiles. You are linking both profiles with a mutual photo that your friends can see. Facebook posts the same photo on the tagged individual’s timeline.

However, you should bear in mind that some people tend to change the privacy settings to avoid tags from others. So, you might need approval from the tagged person in order to see the photo on their timeline. Sometimes, people tag images that don’t necessarily include the individuals tagged – the purpose is to share the content of the photo with those who have been tagged.

Tagging someone means sending them a link from a particular picture. If you want to avoid social networks yet still let your friends know you have identified a great photo of them, you can use an app such as Sherish. Your friends will receive notifications from your activity and see the photo you’ve tagged them in.

Best friends taking selfie at countryside picnic

Notifying your friends

When tagging a person in a photo, you are automatically sending a notification that you’ve posted content related to them. By using tags, you are letting people know there are photos of them, on your timeline. This is a very convenient feature because your friends may not always be aware that you’ve posted a photo of them. But, as soon as you are finished with the tagging process, they will be notified. Be careful, though: on popular social networks you should only post good pictures of you and your friends, since some of them might not like what they see.

You might think your friends looks great in that photo, but your friends finds the same photo “embarrassing”. 


Remember, there is always a chance that your friends don’t want to be tagged in photos on social media, especially if the photos are not related to them in any way. This is also true with people who prefer having profiles that are private. Therefore, you should avoid tagging friends who are not keen on using this feature and want to keep their profiles as private as possible.

Ask others if they approve to be tagged in your photos. You should respect their privacy because not everyone is into sharing their social media profiles with the entire world or having hundreds of friends online. Some people want to keep things simple and only share content with their closest of friends.

This is not an issue if you use a service like Sherish, since the photos are as private as you want them. In fact you can use Sherish as your base photo storage where people review photos that they like. They can themselves then repost the ones they like to their own Facebook profiles. With Sherish, you can carefully pick who you want to tag. The app will let you tag your friends only after they approve this action.

Promoting events and attracting attention

Business organizations mainly use Facebook for promotion and attracting attention to their new products or events. Large corporations have set an example on how to use social media for commercial purposes, so now, small businesses can also try and benefit from this feature. Companies create events and tag people in order to reach as many prospects as possible.

Basically, Facebook is allowing everyone to create an event and tag their friends in the event’s photo. But, companies have developed an effective approach when it comes to promoting events, so you can learn from them for your future promotional endeavors.

Events can be anything, from a Friday night out, to a special charity with the goal of helping others. Your friends might be interested in the event you are attending, so you shouldn’t hesitate to tag them. Basically, this type of tagging is an invitation to the event itself. Use it wisely and don’t overwhelm your friends with tags because you can come off as annoying. But, if you know what you are doing, tagging can be a nice way to let others know there is something interesting they would love to participate in.

You can link with your friends online if you tag photos of you and them

Tag photos with Sherish

To sum up, tagging photos is a very popular feature these days. Almost everyone on social media uses the tagging option to link with their friends and share specific content. Once you get into it, you will likely use it a lot.

The Sherish app offers one of the best and simplest ways to tag your friends and family in photos. We have created a user-friendly application that is convenient for people of all ages. You can easily tag others in photos, locations and all sorts of events by following a few simple steps. Even more importantly, you can choose who you want to share your content with. That way, you can rest assured that your photos will never get misused or shared with people you don’t know.

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