5 Awesome photo sharing sites


Photos tell the story of your life, so it’s important to share them with the right people in the right places. Pictures share birthday parties with distant relatives and travels with friends. Here are 5 awesome photo sharing sites where you can use your pictures to share a story.

1. Photobucket

Great for: Editing then sharing

Photobucket provides easy photo editing and sharing. You can opt to connect your social media accounts and automatically share whatever photo you add to Photobucket on those sites, or you can send photos to other Photobucket users.

Photobucket allows users to easily edit their photos in a free photo editor, store them in their accounts or send them to be printed or made into photo books. You can also upload your photos via email or text message, from your desktop or mobile app, or via your connected social networks.

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2. Instagram

Great for: Mass sharing

Instagram is one of the photo sharing sites that double as a social networking site as well. It allows users to follow other users, leave comments and ‘like’ images. Instagram is public by default, but you can opt to keep your account private to only those who are following you. New followers will have to request permission to follow your posts.

Just upload a photo, add any filters or edits you want, add your comments then share. It’s easy to use and convenient for sharing photos with large audiences.

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3. Sherish

Great for: Secure sharing, storage and organization

Sherish screenshots| 5 Apps with Unlimited Photo Storage

Sherish is a photo sharing app that has a focus on privacy and online safety. Their default mode is completely secure and ensures total photo privacy for any and all pictures you choose to store. Users can upload their entire photo libraries at their original resolutions to Sherish with unlimited storage and easy organization. Sherish also partners with Walgreens so you can print any photo you want online.

Sherish users can attach voice notes to any of their pictures to allow an accompanying voice message or sound with each photo. Photos can be shared in app or via email or SMS with non-Sherish users. Anyone you shared a photo with can leave notes on that picture, and if you change your mind about who can see something you shared, you can revoke access any time.

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4. Snapchat

Great for: Quick photo sharing

Snapchat is a simple and straightforward way to share photos with friends and family. You simply open the app, take a picture and send it to any contacts you want. You can set the viewing time of Snapchat so recipients can only see the photo for a few seconds before it’s deleted from their phones. In order to share photos, both you and your recipients must have Snapchat accounts. In addition to photo sharing, they also have a chat feature where you can send instant messages.

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5. Shutterfly

Great for: Sharing prints

Shutterfly is great if you want to turn your digital photos into printed albums, cards or stationary, turn them into calendars or stick them on a throw pillow. Just add your photos to your account, select and create the product you want, then order your item.

They guarantee that they will never delete the photos you upload, and their photo storage is secure and unlimited. Users can store their images on Shutterfly at full resolution.

Users can share their photos on Shutterfly by email or social networks, or they can create a free private website to share with family and friends.

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