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In this past decade, smartphones have changed our perception of photography. They have made it possible to capture virtually any moment of our everyday lives. So we take more pictures than we used to, a lot more in fact. However, the other side of the coin is that we now have trouble storing and organizing all of those precious memories. The good news is that we, at Sherish, are dedicated to solving this challenge once and for all and that’s how we came up with the photo timeline feature. 

The smartphone revolution in photography

Not so long ago, people only took photos while on vacation, at a birthday, wedding, or other special occasions. The rise of smartphones made it possible to take literally hundreds of pictures, every single day, just for the fun of it. Now, most of us take photos of ordinary daily events, such as getting out of bed, cooking a meal, or dressing up, and share them with other people.


The opportunity to take photos whenever we want also helped us make the most out of photography and use it to build our image online. The pictures you post on social networks give some kind of presentation and first impression about you. Nowadays, we take dozens of selfies before we find the one we want to use as our next profile picture. We also find ourselves trying to take the perfect photo of a sunset to show our friends that we have a talent for photography.

Aside from using smartphones to upload everyday photos to social networks, we started using them to take photos for our family albums as well. The mobility, simplicity and advanced photography features of smartphones have made us forget about our family cameras. Therefore, we have hundreds and hundreds of photos that are important to us and they have to be organized somehow.

Cherish your sweet memories

When it comes to photos of important moments in your life, you feel the need to share them with people that are close to you. You also want to save them and be able to access them 24/7, to evoke the good memories. Having this in mind, we have developed the Sherish app, so you can safely receive, share, organize, curate, save, and even print your family photos. 

With Sherish, you can keep all of your photo memories in one location, using unlimited storage space! Your images will be kept in their original, high-quality resolution. And the best thing is that even if something happens to your device, or you accidentally erase your photos, you can still find them in Sherish, safe and secured. Privacy and security are our main focus, so we have made sure that you have complete control over your photo memories.

Refresh your memories with a photo timeline

The best way to organize your photos in Sherish is to create a photo timeline. This timeline displays your photos in a chronological order, creating a photo history timeline. You can use any timescale depending on the photo subject or other data. The great thing about using a timeline is that it simplifies both storage and access, giving you full visibility and overview of your photos and albums.


Using a photo timeline, you can have your photos neatly arranged in a vibrant presentation. Another cool thing is that you can compile all photos of a single event, from different devices. Did you recently attend a wedding, birthday, or a graduation party? You can create a shared album in Sherish with multiple contributors, so that you can have all the photos that your friends and family members took in one place. Just ask everyone who attended the event to send you their photos in Sherish and you will have complete photo coverage in one album. 

Photo timeline, your personal organizer

The Sherish timeline is a screen within the app that you can access from the main menu. All of your stored photos are organized by the exact date when they were taken. Therefore, you can quickly and easily find everything you need from past family events.

Since most of us are overwhelmed by the large amount of information we come across on a daily basis, it’s easy to unwillingly forget details, even from very recent events. The next time you forget how old your niece was, what you bought your sister for her anniversary, or how the setting looked on your mom’s Thanksgiving dinner, you can just open your Sherish timeline and see for yourself.


The Sherish timeline can be a great asset when shopping for family gifts, too. You don’t have to use a notebook or another organizer to remind yourself about the book you bought for your brother, or the date of your cousin’s birthday. The Sherish timeline will help you find the information from the photos stored in it. 

Using the timeline is very simple. First, tap the menu icon in the upper-left corner of your screen and find the button that looks like three horizontal lines. Thеn, the main menu will appear on top of the screen, where you will see the timeline menu option.

When you open the timeline screen, you will notice all the years you have photos from, organized by months. When you tap on a certain month, you will see the photos organized by the day they were taken. You can check the details of any single photo by simply tapping and opening it. Here, you can choose to share the photo, comment on it, erase it, or record an audio note.

The Sherish timeline is organized so well, that you can find the photos you need within seconds. Forget about endless scrolling through your phone’s photo gallery. No more searching through different folders in your computer, memory card, or USB drive. The next time you find yourself wondering how old your nephew is, just pick up your phone and check the number of birthday candles on last year’s cake.

Bear in mind that Sherish is so much more than just a photo app for personal photo management. It is a very useful tool for professional photographers, too. With its advanced privacy settings, unlimited storage at original resolution, and practical arrangement system, Sherish is everything you’ll ever need to take care of your photo collections.

Taking photos can bring you so much joy and pleasure. Being able to share them with your loved ones at any time makes the entire experience even more pleasing. So, make sure you enjoy photography to the fullest and leave all the storage and organization to Sherish. Use this time to create more memories with your friends and family, instead.  

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