Photography for parents: 3 quick tips

Photography for parents

There’s nothing like capturing perfect moments with your children and putting them into a photo album or sharing them with your friends and family. Below are three tips on photography for parents, so you can take postcard-worthy photos of your kids and entire family.

1. Angle High

Shoot from a high angle to get open eyes and better light. As your kids look up you can see a better view of their faces and reduce the risk of red eye in photos.

2. Get their attention

Use a toy to get their attention when taking photos to get them to look at the camera. These make for intense close up shots and beautiful holiday card pictures. Try placing the toy on your camera itself or on top of your head.

3. Play with depth

Keep your subjects at different depths on the photo. Try putting the older kids in the background for a few photos, or position the youngest in the corner. Keeping different subjects at different distances in the photo will draw the eye into the picture better.

Are you a parent who loves taking pictures of your kids? What are your suggestions for photography for parents?

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