Kid friendly apps to childproof your smartphone

It can become a headache when your toddler gets a hold of your smartphone, especially because they have so many capabilities you might not catch something that was changed or sent out until much later. Install these 9 kid friendly apps on your phone to keep your phone child-safe and protect your information.

1. Elmo Calls

Elmo Calls is an app filled with fun phone calls from Elmo that can teach your child about healthy habits, self-confidence, spelling and the ABCs.

Your child will be able to make or receive phone calls from Elmo, making them less likely to try to call any of your phone contacts out of curiosity. They can even receive voicemail from Elmo!

This app has special “you can do it” calls for when it’s time to take a bath or use the potty. There are calls that help kids learn about holidays and calls just to say hi. If you want to make special visits like to the doctor or a relative, the app provides a free feature for Elmo to talk with your child about your upcoming trip.

2. Sherish

Sherish screenshots| 5 Apps with Unlimited Photo Storage

Sherish allows you to store, organize and share your photographs and child’s milestones in a private and secure app. It offers unlimited storage, sharing capabilities via the app, SMS or email, and you can attach voice notes to photographs. You can even create shared folders where your family and friends can contribute photos for everyone to see.

This app tackles the issue of online privacy, especially when children are involved. It keeps your photos private, protects your child’s information and prevents kids from sharing unintentional photos on social media sites from your phone.

3. PBS Kids Video

This app allows your kids to watch PBS Kids series anytime and anywhere in the United States. The app features videos from Curious George, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Wild Kratts, Sesame Street and Wild Kratts. It’s child-safe and kids can easily browse videos from your smartphone instead of searching through other folders in your phone. The app introduces a Weekly Pick every week that contains a set of fun, educational videos that will engage her or him in reading, science, math and more.

4. FanFaria

If your children are more readers than video-watchers, they will love FanFaria’s beautiful world of stories. They can discover exciting new worlds in different stories and unlimited access to more than 1000 books means story time can go on as long as they have your smartphone. Each book is professionally narrated and expertly told.

5. Apps for Babies

This is an app bundle for iPhone and iPad users. The bundle consists of four different apps; Magic, Bubbles, Balloons and Hot Air.

Magic – each time you touch the screen there will be a poof of bright color, sparkles and a pleasant piano sound. When your child shakes your phone it will play a random song.

Bubbles – bubbles float down the screen and pop upon touch. You can shake your phone to pop all bubbles at once.

Balloons – much like bubbles, balloons float up the screen and bump into each other. They burst upon touch and you can shake your device to pop all the balloons at once.

Hot Air – hot air balloons float up into the sky, and sky divers jump out when you touch one of them. Shake your phone to have a sky diver jump from all balloons at once.

6. Starfall

The Starfall app is a great resource for your kids to learn on your phone instead of poke around with your games and photos. This app is released by a charity and helps children learn through exploration. The app contains educational games, books and songs to keep your children entertained at home or on-the-go.

7. Net Nanny

Net Nanny allows you to keep your children away from inappropriate content on the web. Net Nanny with App Management allows you to choose which mobile apps are used on a certain device and mask profanity so your kids don’t learn anything they shouldn’t on your phone. It also provides time controls and allows you to remotely view, blog or uninstall apps you don’t want to have on your phone.

The best part is Net Nanny also lets you block in-app purchases, which is vital for kids who like to play games that show optional in-app purchases in colorful pop ups and banners.

8. The Story of the Drip Drops

This app is a creative, interactive storybook about the Drip Drops. When the first rainbow was seen over Tint Town, six colorful raindrops with distinct personalities were born. Their mission is to color the world and the story follows their efforts, learning about colors and creativity along the way. This fun app allows your kids to color with the Drip Drops!

What’s your favorite app for kids? Let us know in the comments below!

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