5 Quick photography tips for parents

5 Simple Photography Tips for parents

Photographing kids is a fun past time, but it isn’t always easy. Here are some photography tips for parents to help you capture the best moments.

1. Learn about the camera you’re using

Even if you only use your phone to take photos, chances are it has some cool features you can play with. For example, many smartphone cameras have a panorama option that allows you to combine multiple photographs into one comprehensive one.

2. Be mindful at all times

Sometimes it’s easy to get carried away with taking and looking through photographs. Don’t take your eyes off your kids even when you have the perfect shot and want to show it off, especially if you’re outdoors.

3. Taking photos inside? Use windows

Rooms have different natural light throughout the day. Use natural light from the windows to get amazing shots.

4. Let them run free

One of the most useful tips for parents, whether you’re taking photos or not, is to let your little ones loose for a while. Don’t let them out of your sight, and make sure you’re in a safe environment, but allowing kids to run and play instead of making them pose for the camera can get you some beautiful candid photos.

5. Chase the sunrise and sunset

Some of the most flattering natural lighting happens a few hours before sunset, and a few hours after sunrise. Aim for photos during those times.

Bonus: Use Sherish to store your photos

Sherish is a private all-in-one photo app that was designed to help parents safely store and share photos of their family online. There are no sneaky privacy settings that are hard to change, no advertising at all, and you get unlimited photo storage space for your pictures!

Here are a few things you could do with Sherish;

  • Keep all your photos backed up in one place
  • Access your photos from any mobile device or computer
  • Share your photos securely with loved ones
  • Organize your photo library by using tags, location and subject filters
  • Add voice notes to each photo
  • And much more

What about you? What useful photography tips for parents have you found? Let us know in the comments below!

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