The best photo organizer app for families

best photo organizer app

Sherish is an online photo sharing, storage and organization app that was designed for families to be able to safeguard their memories for generations, without having to worry about others using their digital photographs without permission. We’ve got 5 reasons that Sherish is not only a great photo app, it’s the best photo organizer app for families.

1. It’s easy to use

Sherish was designed to be simple and easy to use. We focus on functionality, not frills, so all you have to do is sign up, download the app and get started. You can upload your photos from your computer, import them from social media, and use our handy timeline tool to get a clear view of your photo history. Organize your albums by location, subject, and keep different folders so you can find the photos you’re looking for immediately.

Sherish is much more than a simple mobile photo editing app.

2. It’s completely private

Sherish is focused on privacy and security, making it the best photo organizer app for families and anyone who values the ability to share pics without compromising photo privacy. The default (and only) setting in Sherish is private, which means no one you don’t explicitly authorize can see your photos and you retain control of your image rights. We also do not advertise to Sherish users or sell personal information ever.

3. You can share photos with your loved ones

Even if Sherish is focused on privacy, that doesn’t mean we don’t understand your need to share memories and funny moments with your loved ones. That’s why Sherish users can share their photos with users and non-users via email or SMS. If your friends and family use Sherish, they can even comment and view the photos in their accounts!

Sharing a photo on Sherish

4. You retain control of your photos

Once you share something on the Internet, it’s out of your hands. Post a picture on social media and you can almost never take it back (just check out this photo of Beyonce that her publicist has been trying to kill on the Internet). That’s the double-edged sword of social media; you can share your photos, but you cannot decide when they stop being shared.

With Sherish, your photos are only shown to those you gave permissions to. If you change your mind later, you can simply revoke permissions and that person won’t be able to view it anymore. You stay in control of your photos, even after you hit “share.”

5. It’s got unlimited storage space

Unlimited storage space means that no matter how big your family gets, and how many photos you add to your collection, Sherish will have a place for them. Sherish offers all user unlimited memory for their photos, at their original resolutions. We don’t compress photos to save space at the expense of quality.

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