You need to try these back to school photography ideas

Going back to school is an exciting time of the year for both kids and their parents. Kids get a chance to reunite with their friends and learn new things in class. Parents enjoy preparing them for the first day and love taking beautiful photos to capture the special moments. So if you are a parent, you will probably be interested in the following back to school photography ideas.

Check out these back to school photography ideas

You should avoid typical school photos and create a unique back to school photo session. There are many ways to capture amazing photos and make the first day at school different from previous years. I will suggest several interesting ideas, and it’s up to you to decide which ones you will try in the future.

Create photo frames

Creating your own photo frames for the first school day is a lovely way to capture the special occasion. The frames are fun and colorful printables that will look good in the hands of your children. You can experiment with them and try out different shapes and sizes in order to make things even more interesting. Feel free to write the name of your children’s teacher and the grade they will be attending.

Creating interesting photo frames can contribute to your back to school photography ideas

Write down your children’s grow up wishes

Every kid wants to be something interesting when they grow up. Use your children’s wishes to create unique photos of them with their ideal professions. Document their first day of school by writing the wish with a chalk on a wall beside them. They will be happy that you’ve written down their wishes and smile – that is the best moment to take a picture because the children’s natural laugh will spark up the photo.

Use last year’s back-to-school picture

If you took a picture of your kid’s first day at school last year, now is the perfect time to make use of the picture. Have your kid pose with that photo, as it will serve as a nice reminder of how they looked like a year before, on the same day. Your child will notice how much they’ve grown and appreciate you coming up with such an amazing idea. You can try it each year and you will get a nice Then and Now photo album.

Take end-of-summer family photos

Parents love spending time with their children. The summer is a great opportunity for the entire family to go on a memorable trip. But, taking care of kids throughout the summer is a very demanding task and every parent gets tired after a while. Nevertheless, children rarely want the summer to end. Therefore, you can wait for the right moment to take a silly photo with your grumpy kids, as you jump happily around them to celebrate the start of a new school year.

Take family photos to mark the end of summer

Go school shopping

Did you know that you can actually try some back to school photography ideas without involving your kids in the photos? For example, take pictures when you go shopping for school supplies. There is a huge list that you can make regarding the things that your kids will need for school. You can take a photo of pencils in various colors or the school bag your kid wears. When it comes to school shopping ideas, the opportunities are practically endless.  

Dress your kids like adults

Kids enjoy wearing new clothes, especially when they get to wear them for the first day of school. Buy them new clothes that will make them look (and feel) serious and stylish. Next, organize a back to school photo session and ask them to pose for you – they will look adorable and try to make all kinds of serious and “grown-up” faces. You can even let them try your own clothes. Trust me, one of the funniest things in life is seeing your kids wearing oversized clothes.

Give your (motherly) emotions a funny twist

Mothers can be very emotional when they have to send their little ones to school. So if you are a mom, a nice way to deal with the situation is to take a silly photo of your kid as they are holding a cardboard with the message Stop Crying Mom on it. The picture will make you smile and you won’t feel so bad the next time you are watching your child as they are getting on the school bus. You can add some extra text on the cardboard, of course.

Take photos in front of the school

Taking photos of your kids while they are headed for the school door will always be one of the best back to school photography ideas. Capture the emotions your child is going through while they are in the schoolyard or just about to go inside. A few years later, they will see the photo and recall all those overwhelming feelings and emotions. Also, the brick walls of the school building can serve as a great background for a photo. Use them to create a classic school image of your kid standing next to a brick wall.

Close up portrait of a girl smilling near the brick wall

Take “goodbye” photos

Saying goodbye is always difficult, especially when it comes to sending your child to school for the first time. But fortunately, you can still create a magical photo of you hugging and kissing your kid before sending them off. Use the emotions to capture the honest and natural behavior you share with your little one. As long as you don’t hide your feelings, you can rest assured that the resulting photo will be amazing. Capture the precious moment, and you and your child will remember it for years to come.

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