8 Cool reasons Sherish is the best photo app ever

Sherish as best photo app

What is Sherish?

Sherish is a cloud-based photo sharing, storage and organization app that is completely secure and devoted to photo privacy. Sherish was designed to be easy-to-use (even for people who aren’t as familiar with apps), simple and incredibly effective.

Sherish was build around the idea of online privacy. When you share images on social media, you often relinquish certain rights and release information in those images that you can never take back. Sherish’s default (and only) setting is complete privacy with no ads whatsoever. Even after you share a photo with someone via email, SMS or the app, you can edit permissions anytime you want if you change your mind.

Why do we think Sherish is the best photo app ever? Read on to find out.

8 cool things you can do with Sherish

1. Store all your photos in one place

Sherish allows you to keep all your memories in one location with unlimited storage space at your photos’ original resolution. Your images will remain high-quality and we never compress them to save space. You can import all your photos from social media and local storage (hard drives, USBs, memory cards from your camera) and have them in one convenient location.

Tip: Import all your photos from Facebook and then go through and delete the older ones and any you wouldn’t want your boss seeing. Just sign up for an account and download the desktop uploader here.

2. Get rid of your duplicate photos

You don’t have to worry about uploading the same photo three or four times and causing clutter. Sherish detects duplicate photos and gets rid of them, so it’s easier to organize your albums without any repeats.

This means you could have uploaded some photos to Facebook, then added them to Sherish. If you import all photos from Facebook (including the ones you just uploaded) to Sherish, all the duplicates will be deleted.

3. Take back your photo privacy

Sherish has no ads, will never sell your personal information, and your photos remain your own even when you use our app. Unlike some social media sites, Sherish doesn’t ask for permission to own or have any rights to your photographs once you upload them. Your photos are just that; yours, and they will remain yours.

Sherish is completely secure, with a default setting of complete privacy. No one you don’t give permission to is allowed to see your photos and this will never change, even over time.

4. Back up your important memories

Life happens. You bring your laptop to a coffee shop and accidentally spill coffee all over it. You drop your phone in the toilet (it’s happened). Your kid gets a hold of your tablet and deletes all your family photos like it’s a game.

When you use Sherish to store your photos, they’re backed up and secure. All you have to do is log in to your Sherish account and your photographs will be there waiting for you.

5. Share photos, but retain control

You can use Sherish to share your memories with loved ones and people you trust, even if they don’t have a Sherish account. Just send photographs or albums through SMS, email or, if they have an account, through the app.

However, you don’t lose control once you hit send. You can change your mind at any time and decide you don’t want that person to have access to that photo anymore, and revoke permissions. That way, you stay in control of your photographs at all times.

6. Use it as a professional photography app

With complete privacy settings, unlimited storage at original resolutions, and the ability to revoke permissions at any time, Sherish is the best photo app for professional photography as well as personal photo management.

Photographers can store all their photos on Sherish, send previews of a photo to a potential client, and revoke access if that client declines buying the print.

7. Compile all photos from an event

You can create shared albums in Sherish with multiple contributors. If you have a birthday party or wedding, just ask your friends and family to send their photos in to Sherish and voila, you’ve got comprehensive photo coverage of your event.

8. Add voice notes

You can add voice notes and sound recordings to each photo you take and send! That means you can attach the happy birthday song to a birthday party photo or the sounds of a waterfall on a hike. You can also take a photo of your kids saying hi to their grandparents, then email that photo and recording along for a nice surprise.

Are any of these cool functions useful to you? Which ones are you most likely to use? Let us know in the comments below!

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