7 Common photography mistakes that people make


Taking photos has never been easier. It’s only natural that it is quickly becoming one of the most popular hobbies. When you have good photographer skills, you can turn memorable moments into beautiful photos, store them, and share them with others. However, in order to create really good photos that have photographic value (outside of the sentimental one), you need to understand what makes for good photographs. Good photography isn’t just knowing what to do, it’s also about knowing how to avoid some common photography mistakes.

Common photography mistakes and how to avoid them

As fun and inspiring as it is, photography can easily become frustrating. You have a vision, every detail of the photo is in your mind, and all you need to do is capture it, right? But, as soon as you check out the photo, you see that it’s not even close to what you had in mind.

Yes, it’s easy when you have the chance to take the same photo again. The real frustration comes when you try to capture a unique moment – your dream car crossing your way, your child’s first steps, or a rare bird flying above you. You are super excited that you have your camera at hand, but a few seconds later, you realize that all you have is a photo that fails to capture the moment. Perhaps you get a strange blurry image, weird subject positioning or an angle that doesn’t quite capture the spirit of what you saw with your eyes.

I don’t know about you, but this used to be one of my worst nightmares for a while. I was tempted to throw my camera away and never take a photo again! But, it turned out that these things can happen even to the best photographers. Fortunately, you can reduce these situations to a minimum if you learn how to avoid some common photography mistakes.  

1. Not knowing your camera well

Photo mistakes are primarily the result of our wrong perception regarding the power of our cameras. Oftentimes, people believe that all it takes to create good photos is having a good, expensive phone or camera. Although the quality of the camera you use plays a big role in photography, the way you use it is much more important.

When you get yourself a new camera, don’t just go around taking photos without looking at the instructions. You may assume you know everything about taking photos. However, with every new generation of DSLr cameras, iPhones or Android devices, there are always some new things you need to learn when taking photos.


Even the newest or the most expensive camera won’t make excellent photos if you ignore the basic dos and don’ts about its performances and apps. You will see that the colors of the photos will be too strong or unrealistic, or the shots won’t be sharp enough. You may even keep the contrast, exposure and black and white levels off. All of these are technical mistakes you could avoid if you get to know your camera well.

2. Wrong positioning

A good photo undoubtedly depends on the positioning of the subject. This is very important because it involves the lights and shadows of the subject itself, and the surrounding background. If there is a big difference between the lights and the shadows, your camera will either over-expose the brightness or under-expose the shadows. Having this in mind, feel free to move your subject around and you will get a better photo.

3. Underexposed or overexposed photos

If there is not enough light reaching the sensor while you are taking a photo, you will get an underexposed image. Try to allow some more light if you notice that the image on your screen has too many shadows, by opening the aperture.

On the other hand, if there is too much light hitting the sensor, you will get overexposed photos. It usually happens during very sunny and bright days or when your subjects are light colored. You can underexpose the image by choosing -0.5 or -1 on your camera exposure settings.

4. Incorrect focus and composition

Good composition is not only about your knowledge of aesthetics; It is also about choosing the right focus and perspective. Even if you choose the most beautiful subject or background, you will get a mediocre photo if your focusing is incorrect. To take a good photo, one main focal point or area is usually enough.


Therefore, don’t hesitate to change the perspective and shoot from a close distance or from the waist up. When shooting a portrait, the main focus should be on the eyes. In fact, the most important thing is to decide what the main subject of your photo is. Then, you can find the right focus and perspective.

5. Wrong framing

The main point of framing and composing your photograph is to create an interesting photo that will catch the viewer’s eye. Then, it is naturally drawn to the main subject or attraction in the photo. You can easily make photo mistakes if your focal point is too far in the background, while some kind of distraction is in the foreground. In that case, shoot your focal point at the highest resolution to avoid any distractions.

6. Improper use of flash

Using the camera flash is necessary during nighttime, or when taking photos in dark places. But, it can be very useful during the day, too, if you notice dark shadows on your subjects (when facing the sun). If you shoot using the flash, the shadows will become even more obvious. So, what are you supposed to do? You just turn your subject around and use the flash to fill in the shadows. Don’t overdo it though!

Another common mistake when taking photos with the flash is the red-eye effect. It happens when the camera flash reflects off the retinas in people with light-colored eyes. You can fix this with image-editing software, or by not using your camera’s built-in flash.

7. Saving memory space during a shooting session

When you want to store more photos on your memory card, you shoot using a low resolution. Well, that will save you some space, but the quality of the photos will be poor, so it’s not a very good idea. Additionally, if you want to print large photographs, you will be able to see the pixels. Remember that every time you save a .jpeg file, it will lose some of its quality. It means that your editing options are very limited.


Well, the good news is that you don’t have to save memory space anymore. Our Sherish app provides you with unlimited storage space for all your photos. It lets you easily organize your photos, import and export them to social sites and everywhere else on the internet. It also automatically removes your duplicate photos, so you can avoid clutter. Sherish features are developed with the goal to automate all photo organization and sharing troubles and let you enjoy the good things of photography. 

How to take good photos

Being creative and using your imagination at its best is a must for every photographer. Don’t be afraid to think “outside the box” instead of following some already established ideas and styles, even if they come from more experienced photographers. Put your imagination at work, try shooting different subjects and use different styles.

As your experience grows, you will build your own style and get a sense for taking really good photographsNow that you have become aware of common photography mistakes, you can correct them easily and become a better photographer.

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