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How to Organize Your Photos with Sherish

Now that you’ve signed up for Sherish, you have access to unlimited storage space for your family photos, old college albums and future photographs.

Sherish will grow with you and can safely store your entire photo library in one convenient location.

Here are a few tips on organizing photos with Sherish;

  1. Use unique tags to find your photos later. You can add any custom tag to Sherish, making it a great place to organize parties, life events and more.
  2. Use the timeline to see the progression of your photos. You can view photos in your timeline by the year, month or even day. It’s a great way to get highlights from the years.
  3. Use location to see the photos you took in different places. Just turn on your location settings and Sherish can organize your pictures based on where they were taken. This information is completely secure and no one else will be able to see your locations unless you share them.
  4. Filter for photos of certain people. Sherish can organize your photos based on the subjects in them. Filter for your images of your best friend, the family pet or any loved one.

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