8 Tricks for amazing mobile photos that anyone can use immediately

Most photos today are taken with smartphones. Mobile photography is becoming so popular,that almost everyone uploads awesome photos on their social platforms every day. Using mobile phones to capture photos and share them with one user-friendly device.

There are times when two visually similar photos get uploaded on social media with unequal results. One receives a multitude of likes, comments and shares while the other is largely ignored. Sometimes the deciding factor between the two outcomes is phone camera quality, but most of the time taking great mobile photos all comes down to some essential photography skills.

8 Awesome tricks for amazing mobile photos

If you are interested in taking attractive, eye-catching photos with your mobile phone, you will find these easy tricks very useful. If you are looking to create your own pieces of art, you are only one step away from doing it.

1. Avoid using digital zoom

The digital zoom option is surely one of the most popular on smartphone cameras, but it actually prevents users from taking the perfect photo. This is due to the fact that in most cases, mobile phones include zooming that only stretches the photo, lowering image quality in the process. Instead of using the digital zoom (which only limits your editing options later on), it is always better to take regular, zoomed out photos. Crop them later, as you wish.

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2. Bring the High Dynamic Range mode into play

Another useful trick for creating amazing mobile photos is using the HDR mode. What’s great about it is that it takes several photos within a short interval and combines the brightest bits, creating a single perfect photo. This feature is preferable when taking photos with high contrast. However, the mode works best when taking photos of non-moving objects.

3. Avoid using the flash function

Using natural light is always the best option when taking photos. It ensures a beautiful, natural look, while avoiding the unwanted glaring effect on your photos. In cases when there is no natural light or if it’s not enough, it is good to increase the ISO and exposure values before taking the photo. However, it’s important to increase these values just enough, without overdoing it.

4. Always apply the rule of thirds

Even though the principle of the rule of thirds comes naturally to many people when taking photos, some are not naturally skilled at it. Nevertheless, this is probably the simplest trick to remember when creating amazing mobile photos. There are two horizontal and two vertical lines that appear before you take your shot, on most smartphone cameras today. Use these lines to align your subject (according to the rule of thirds) and take a well-proportioned photo.

5. Get closer to the subject

One of the most typical mistakes when we take photos with a mobile phone is getting a snapshot from distance. Instead of ending up with very small and unknown subjects in your photos, it is always good to get closer and get a better view. However, getting too close can cause image distortion – something you definitely want to avoid.

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6. Keep your phone camera lens clean

Keeping the smartphone camera clean can be a real challenge. We usually keep our mobile phones in our purses, bags or pockets, which does cause damage to the camera lens over time. If not protected by a lens cover, the lens gets dirty every time we use our phones. So, use a soft cloth to clean all the fingerprints and dust, and take amazing mobile photos with a spotless camera lens.

7. Try different perspectives

Another useful trick for creating beautiful photos is to try different points of view when taking your shots. Since mobile phone cameras are smaller than regular cameras, they can be used where standard cameras can’t fit. Additionally, they are not as heavy as ordinary cameras. These advantages give you numerous opportunities to try photography from unusual perspectives and create some real pieces of art.

8. Avoid distracting (overly colorful) backgrounds

The main point of every photo is to get the viewer’s attention onto the central subject, not the messy background. If the setting is cluttered or too colorful, one cool trick is to eliminate the color by choosing the black and white (or sepia) mode. By removing the distracting colors, your central subject becomes the main subject in the photo.

Experiment with your phone camera and do magic

Mobile phone cameras are great for experimenting with different perspectives, angles, compositions and modes. In order to create unique mobile photos, you can edit and adjust them later, according to your preferences.

Experimenting with photography is an enjoyable experience and editing mobile photos gives you an opportunity to show your talents and create the best photos of your summer vacation. Your photos could look like they were edited by professionals if you use the right mobile photo editing app.

Don't be afraid to experiment if you want to take amazing mobile photos

The Photo Editor for Android and iOS devices is very popular since it is packed with numerous features such as color balance, horizontal and vertical mirroring, the blurring effect, sketch effect, spray function, imposition of noise and more. With these features, users can take photos to a completely new (and fun) level.

Or even better, choose an app that does it all (hint, it’s called Sherish).

There are various other ways to make your smartphone photos outstanding, and chances are you probably know most of them. However, these easy tricks can really make a difference and help you make the most out of your vacation or family photos this summer.

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