Digital photo organization doesn’t have to be a chore

simple digital photo organization

Digital photography has undoubtedly changed the way we capture precious moments. Not that long ago, taking a photo was considered a luxury. You had a film roll with three dozen frames, and you tended to carefully plan your snapshots. Today, we can take hundreds of photos every single day. However, this opportunity brings along some challenges, too, such as digital photo organization.

In the past we had cute little photo albums, one for every special occasion. Photo enthusiasts had trouble maintaining enough physical space to store all of their pictures. As soon as digital cameras appeared, we thought that those issues were gone. But, as time passed, we saw that organizing digital photos can be a lot harder than physical organization.

Now we have countless opportunities to capture high quality photos. Today’s phones and tablets come with features almost similar to those of digital cameras. There are HD cameras even for our computers and laptops. Our photography habits have changed a lot as well.

It seems like the rise of social media with its photo sharing opportunities awakened the photographer in all of us. So, all we do is take thousands of high-quality photos that take a lot of space, and leave them scattered around on various devices.

simple digital photo organization

We keep our photos with the intention of being able to look at them again later on and bring back precious memories, right? Well, storing your photos randomly on USB drives, memory cards, computers, and phones only makes it hard to find them when you need them. So, what can you do to properly organize and store digital photos?

Well, when it comes to digital photo organization, software is one of the best ways to do it. You can stop worrying about the photos on your computer or smartphone. Software allows you to organize, store, post-process, and share photos. All you need to do is find the digital photo organizer that fits your needs, and enjoy its features. You will never have to worry about losing certain photos among all the others again.

Simplify your digital photo organization

How can Sherish help you solve your photo organization troubles? It was developed to allow you to enjoy taking photos, while it does all the hard work related to organizing them. It brings all your photos together, organizes them and makes sure they are secure, while offering you a myriad of other features.

It is truly the go-to app for people who want to organize their photos in a safe and efficient way, while making the entire experience very easy and user friendly. It’s also excellent when it comes to organizing digital pictures:

Safety and privacy

The consideration of safety and privacy is probably among your biggest concerns when storing and sharing photos online. The last thing you want is to make photos available to the general public. This problem has been duly noted by the creators of Sherish. We’ve made sure that safety and privacy are one of our top priorities.

When uploading your photos on Sherish, you get to privately share them with your personal network. What does this mean? The app lets you carefully choose and set up the group of people you want to be able to see your photos (an no one else).


In other words, you can share your photos with your relatives and your close friends, avoiding any contact with people you don’t know. And you can always change this setting depending on your preferences. That is why Sherish is a favorite among families and groups of people who care deeply about safety when sharing photos.

Centralizing all your photos in one smart software

The crucial problem with digital photo organization is scattered, confusing storage. Sherish organizes all your photos in one smart app that is complemented by a web interface. This intuitive way of organizing photos will make the hassle of manually sifting through thousands of pictures a thing of the past.

It makes handling, day-to-day usage, storage and organization of photos a pleasant task. You don’t have to worry about storage space, or ways to quickly find some old photos. This smart software will keep your photos safe and let you organize them as it suits you the most.

User-friendly, intuitive interface

Sherish was designed with an interface that makes the entire user experience a joy. This includes a set of options and alternatives when it comes to creating your profile. If you want to share a photo, all you need to do is swipe up on your phone’s display, and you’re done. Also, you can add a photo to the all-time favorite category just by tapping the logo.

Furthermore, aside from being able to choose the members of your personal network, you can opt between sharing a single photo or an entire album. There’s a special option created with the aim of getting a wider reach when sharing photos. Therefore, you also get the opportunity to share photos with people who don’t have a Sherish account. They will receive a link which will take them to the photo or album that you want them to see.


Sherish comes with a wide set of other options which are operated in a very simple, yet effective manner. For example, Sherish Stations is an extension of the app which includes even more viewing options. Oh, and did I mention that the app is completely ad-free?

Original-quality upload and download

While other applications tend to degrade photo quality before storing them, Sherish enables you to store your photos in their original quality. This is crucial for both professional photographers and regular users. By preserving the original quality of your photos, Sherish enables you to print your photos anytime you want. You can then use them for creative, custom-made photo gifts for your friends and family.

It’s also important to mention that you retain the ownership of your photos, a feature not present in other photo apps. Professional photographers may be more interested in this feature, but the truth is that all of us should pay attention to this. You wouldn’t like to see a photo of your child used for an ad somewhere online without your consent, would you?

Photo storage costs

Due to the fact that we have too many photos to store and organize, we need a functional and affordable solution. Here comes the good news: for only $4.99 a month, Sherish offers unlimited storage for all your photos. If you want to subscribe for a full year, it will cost you only $49.99 to use all the features that Sherish has to offer. This ranks it among the most affordable photo organization apps on the market.

All in all, anyone looking for an easy way to store and organize their photos should definitely check out Sherish. You’ll be able to kiss photo organization, storage, and safety issue woes goodbye forever.

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