5 Apps with unlimited photo storage

5 Apps With Unlimited Photo Storage

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Digital photographs are amazing because they capture moments so seamlessly with a simple click and store them conveniently in a USB drive or online. You can relive the unforgettable birthday you had five years ago just by scrolling through images on a screen. These precious memories are so easy to capture that it’s also easy to find yourself with a few too many images.

You may find yourself with a different set of pictures (all equally important) on your phone, computer, backup hard drive and different USB drives. With so many ways to take pictures and places to conveniently store images, it’s easy to become disorganized and lose track of which images go in which folders and which are duplicates. Luckily, you can keep all your digital photographs organized in one place with any of these useful apps that offer unlimited photo storage.

1. Sherish

Sherish screenshots | 5 Apps with Unlimited Photo Storage

Sherish is a photo sharing and storage app with a focus on privacy. They combine features from social media with those of a standard photo organization tool and added security. The app was made especially for families who want to share pictures of their children without the risk of broadcasting them to the world thanks to the low privacy settings on many social media sites.


  • Photo sharing in app or via email or SMS
  • Duplicate photograph removal
  • Import from social media sites or local storage
  • Facial and location recognition
  • Audio notes
  • Option to share to social sites
  • Custom tags, smart albums and other organization tools
  • Slideshows
  • Automatic backup

View more Sherish features here.

2. Google Photos

Google Photos allows you to keep all your photos and video clips organized and easy to find in one convenient location. Once you upload your photos, you can search them using tags or location. If you upload a sequence of five or more photos, you can create an animated gif. You can also upload three or more photos to create a panorama.

Users can avail of free, unlimited cloud storage for photos and videos, but must limit photo resolution to 16 megapixels and video resolution to 1080p. For those who want to keep the original resolution of their photos, Google provides 15GB for free with additional space available for purchase.

Learn more about Google Photos here.

3. Trunx

Trunx is a photo app that allows you to snap, organize and store photos forever. They offer unlimited secure photo storage in the cloud, and all photos you upload are automatically organized by date and time. Users can view entire life stories with their calendar, or view each day at a glance on their timeline. Users can add tags to further organize their images and videos.

SharedPix, a function within Trunx, allows users to create private, collaborative albums with family and friends. You and your chosen circle of trusted friends will be able to add and view photos in collaborative albums from any device. Trunx even comes with an iOS extension called Memori Lane, so you can view photos from this day in your history on your iPhone or Apple watch.

Learn more about Trunx here.

4. Shoebox

Shoebox offers free, unlimited storage and automatic backups for your photos, so you can take more pictures without worrying about where to keep them. Users can sync photos across all their devices and view them from anywhere with an Internet connection. For reliving memories, the app has a feature called “revolving lockscreen” where you see a new lock screen photo every time you visit it. Users can also opt to receive “This Day in History” emails straight to your inbox.

Shoebox uses bank level encryption to keep your photos secure. If you want to store videos, they also allow up to 15 minutes of video backup under their free plan and 10 hours of video backup in their premium plan.

View Shoebox premium pricing here.

5. Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon offers unlimited photo storage for free to all Amazon Prime account holders. The Amazon Cloud Drive can hold more than just photos; it also is compatible with documents, spreadsheets and music. Unlimited photo storage comes free with any Amazon Prime account.

Their cloud drive offers secure online storage, automatic photo backup and easy mobility for your images. Access your images from your phone, computer, tablet or any Fire device. Users can add their photos to the Amazon Cloud Drive from the web, mobile or desktop. They simply have to log in to their Amazon accounts.

Learn more about the Amazon Cloud Drive here.

Why Use Unlimited Photo Storage Apps?

To recap, these apps will help you store all your images in one place. Many of the apps allow photo syncing from multiple devices, meaning you don’t have to worry about duplicates or losing images if you misplace a device. Keep your photos safe and organized with these unlimited photo storage apps, so you focus more on taking the pictures and less on transferring, organizing, reviewing and backing them up.

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